School of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Center, Room 301
115 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4479
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Dean's Office: (248) 370-2217
Academic Advising: (248) 370-2201

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Center, Room 301
115 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4479
(location map)
Dean's Office: (248) 370-2217
Academic Advising: (248) 370-2201

Subramaniam Ganesan, Ph.D.

Subramaniam Ganesan, Ph.D.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
440 EC; (248) 370-2206; Fax: (248) 370-4633

  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), 1979
  • Joined Oakland University in 1986
  • Chair of CSE dept., Oakland University, 1991-98.
  • Currently: Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Director, Real Time and DSP System Laboratory (RTDL)
  • Associate Director, Center for Robotics, Unmanned and Intelligent Systems (CRUIS)
  • 1984-86 Faculty member, Western Michigan University
  • 1983-84 Visiting Professor, Concord University, Montreal, Canada
  • 1979-80 DAAD Fellow, Ruhr University, Bochum, West Germany
  • 1971-83 Scientist, National Aeronautics Laboratory, India
  • Senior Member of IEEE; IEEE Distinguished Speaker (2005-2009), IEEE SEM Computer Chapter Chair
  • Research grants from Texas Instruments, Motorola, RPS and Electrocon Companies, Chrysler, International Technology Connection (ITC)
  • Guiding two full-time and four part-time Ph.D. students
  • Life Time Achievement Award from ISPE; Loyd Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award SAE 2012


Graduate level courses

  • Real time systems
  • FPGA based embedded systems
  • Microprocessor based embedded systems
  • DSP in embedded systems
  • Validation and verification of embedded systems
  • Parallel Computer Architecture and multi core embedded system programming
  • Developing embedded senor systems for real time tracking and Internet of things


  • Divisible Load Scheduling in multi-core and multi-processor systems
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Real Time DSP/Multiprocessor Systems for Specific Applications
  • Model Based Systems design
  • Multicore engine controller for low cost and high gas mileage
  • Application of computer engineering for assistance to the needy, safety and comfort of the world
  • Real time tracking with iPad display and sensors

    U.S. Provisional Patent: Steve Oberc, Hare Patnaik and Subra Ganesan, Application
    No.: 62/169,194, Filed: June 1, 2015; For: SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR

    U.S. Provisional Patent: Subramaniam Ganesan, Aqeel F. Aqeel and John Chupa
    “Retina analysis” 5/13/2016

Selected Publications

1. Suresh Sankaranarayanan, Subramaniam Ganesan, “Applications of intelligent agents
in mobile commerce- a review” International journal of agent technologies and
systems, 6(4) 35-71 October-December 2014. IGI global. 36 pages paper.

2. Prajapati and S. Ganesan, “Applications of Univariate Statistical Techniques and
Neural Networks in Condition-based Maintenance,” Quality and Reliability
Engineering International, John Wiley, ISSN: 0748-8017, Vol. 29, Issue 3, April
2013, pp 439-461.

3. Rohollah Mazrae Khoshki and Subramaniam Ganesan “Improved ALPR system
based on Smart License Plate Character Detection Algorithm,” International Journal
of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Vol. 4, Issue
12, December 2015, pp 561-56.

4. Raj Kumar J. Bhojan1, K. Vivekanandan and Subramanian Ganesan, “Innovative
Test Automation Framework for Mobile Application Testing”, Book chapter no 27 in
a book titled Advanced engineering research and applications, pages 458-488, 2017

5. Swathi Vadde and Subra Ganesan, “Effect of fault in single load distribution with
FIFO back propagation of results,” IEEE EIT conference May 2016

6. Tri P. Doan and Subramaniam Ganesan, “CAN Crypto Chip to secure data
transmitted through CAN bus using AES 128 and SHA-1 algorithms with asymmetric
key” SAE world congress, April 4-6, 2017, Paper number: 2017-01- 1612.