International Programs

In order to improve global education and to meet industry needs for engineers, the School of Engineering and Computer Science recruits students from all over the world. The presence of international students strengthens SECS by bringing new cultures, ideas, and experiences. Traditional students become more globally aware and gain from the experience of working with students from other cultures.

We have formal agreements with universities in China, Brazil, Iraq, and Jordan and continue to add new universities every year. Students can participate in a “2+2 program” where they study two years in their home university and two years here at Oakland University and then receive a masters in engineering or computer science degree from both participating universities. Other students choose a traditional exchange student program where they study at Oakland University for a year. Students also can participate in a “1+1 program” where they study one year in their home university and one year at OU and then receive an engineering or computer science degree from both universities.

These agreements create opportunities for international students who might not be able to come due to resources, logistics, or funds. International students are offered opportunities to improve their English while they are here through our Conversation Partner Program which matches an international student with an English-speaking student. They meet and practice their language skills together. Many of the international students participate in English as Second Language classes to improve their English as well. Some of the students also choose to live in the International Village on campus. In the International village, domestic and international students room together to get a better understanding of each other’s cultures, countries, and customs. In addition, SECS has sent engineering professors to teach in China for the past five years to help provide an international education to Chinese students.

SECS will bring in over two million dollars in tuition revenue from these programs during the 2017-2018 school year. The programs will continue to grow due to more agreements with new universities and more students studying engineering at Oakland University. University representatives interested in developing a program with Oakland University are encouraged to contact Gary Barber, Ph.D., SECS International Program Director at