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Outreach Programs

Fall 2015 Programs
Algebra I for Engineers and Scientists

This rigorous course is for the serious student who has demonstrated success in basic arithmetic. Employing a “flipped classroom” teaching approach, the instructor will review the lecture material and discuss its practical relevance for the first 30 minutes, then proceed to engage the students while they solve many sets of practice problems for the remaining time in the class. The course is administered over five Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon on the campus of Oakland University. Student success will be heavily dependent upon their commitment to excellence while in class and their ability to view a 30 minute video (from home, school or library) during the week prior to the Saturday class.

The admissions process, which is highly selective, involves consideration of math GPA. Nearly the full breadth of a typical college-level Algebra I course is treated, however the depth of coverage is limited in order to accommodate time constraints.

Tentative List of Topics
  • Linear Functions
  • Quadratic and Higher Order Functions
  • Inequalities
  • Polynomial Functions and Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • In-Class Project: TBD

VEX Robotics

This introductory-level course is for the serious student who is interested in VEX Robotics. Employing a “problem-based classroom” teaching approach, the instructor will give the students the directions for building the basic claw bot and allow them to build in groups of 2 to 5 depending on class size. Once the robots are built, the instructors will teach basic RobotC programming. Students will work as they learn. Instructors will teach concepts and ideas as needed by each group. The course is administered over five Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon on the campus of Oakland University. Student success will be heavily dependent upon their commitment to excellence while in class. The admissions process will depend on the number of students who apply. This class is for students whom are on a VEX Robotics team.

In this camp, students will:
  • Design and build the robot to complete certain specifications for certain challenges.
  • Program the robots using RobotC
  • Compete against one another in a team atmosphere.
  • Learn to apply autonomous features on the robot.
STEM Camps
Fall STEM 2015 offerings will be posted soon. Check back later for information about 2016 Summer STEM camps.

Oakland University's School of Engineering and Computer Science offers one-week camps for upper elementary, middle school, and high schools for students who do or might have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM).

Students will be taken through a series of hands-on, student-centered experiences where they will learn a little bit about what each of the engineering fields do, build and test equipment and conduct experiments in the various disciplines that include all of STEM. Click on the camps below to learn more information.


SECS CORE Tutoring and Resource Center

Struggling to be successful in an SECS CORE course? Tutoring (group and 1-on-1) available at our new Tutoring and Resource Center located in 114 DHE.

Tutoring available for the following courses:

  • EGR 141
  • EGR 240
  • EGR 250
  • EGR 260
  • EGR 280

Potential tutors: If you have been successful in a CORE course recently, like to help people and make some money doing it, please apply to be a tutor for any of the above courses that you have a proven track record in. Research shows that students that can actually teach others retain information at far higher rates than those who do not, so this experience has the benefit of information retention as well.

For more information, contact Professor Kobus

Contact Us
Christopher J. Kobus, Ph.D.  
Director of Outreach 
and Recruitment 
(248) 370-2489

Oakland University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science is committed to introducing high school and pre-college students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Resources.

Thanks to this early introduction by passionate educators, students are guided to a pathway leading toward a successful education and career in the technological workforce.

SECS hosts outreach programs, both on and off campus, throughout the academic year and summer months. Faculty routinely visit high schools, junior highs, middle and elementary schools.

Oakland University’s highest priority in providing exemplary academic, athletic and social programs for youth is protecting the health, safety and welfare of all participants. To achieve this critically important goal, carefully screened and highly trained personnel enforce protocols designed to ensure safe conduct and supportive interaction between youth and program leaders. To learn more about OU's youth protection efforts, visit