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Joy Jiang
(248) 370-2832

Judy Martin
Scholars Coordinator
2015-16 Schedule

Sept 232015-16 Scholars program kick off
Oct 3Team building
Nov 5Mentor/mentee meeting
Nov 14Case Competition training
Dec TBDCommunity project
Jan 23Leadership development
Feb 13Case Competition, sponsored by the Oakland University Credit Union
Mar 12Case Competition
Apr 21-23

International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

Business Scholars Program

The School of Business Administration Scholars Program provides a select group of students a unique opportunity to develop their problem solving, decision making and leadership skill under the direction of Joy Jiang and Judy Martin.

The program centers on competency development and has four unique components that significantly influence the students in the Scholars Program.

  • Leadership Development
  • Case Competitions
  • Mentor/Mentee Relationship
  • Community Involvement
How To Apply
Business students are invited to apply for the program in the fall of each year. All students are welcomed to attend any of the scheduled Scholars case competitions during the academic year. 

To apply to the program, students must: 

Leadership Development
Leadership development is based on the Lorminger Leadership Competencies that are selected specifically for the level of the students based on their progression in the program.

First-year Scholars
Presentation Skills
Conflict Management

Second-year Scholars
Negotiating Skills
Process Management

All Scholars
Annual challenge course team building event

Case Competitions
Four Saturdays per year devoted to case competition training

Scholars work in teams (lead by senior-level students) to analyze and present a solution to a specific business challenge to a panel of  faculty and business professional judges. Prizes are awarded to the winning team. Previous prizes have included tuition credit, iPads and Microsoft Surfaces)

Each Scholar is paired with a business professional who coaches and mentors that student.

Each year, Scholars decide what community project or organization they want to engage to support