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The I2B is looking for Oakland University students with skills and interests in the areas of website development, e-commerce, business planning, marketing, graphic design, communications, engineering, manufacturing and more.

Jobs available for undergraduate and graduate students who can work a maximum of 10 hours per week at $15 hour.

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Stacey Frankovich
i2B Lab Coordinator
(248) 370-4192

Ideas 2 Business

From initial brainstorming to commercialization, the Ideas 2 Business Lab (i2B) at Oakland University is a multifaceted business program that supports students in the development of entrepreneurial ideas.
How I2B Works

Oakland University offers its Ideas to Business (I2B) Lab to assist students and faculty members in launching new business ventures, including business plan development and presentation, and, where approved, support for commercialization through an established partnership with one of the OU Incubators.

If a student, faculty member or other OU staff has a business idea, he/she can submit an application to the i2B lab detailing the contents of his/her idea. If accepted into the program, one will reap entrepreneurial advantages that will paramount on their way to commercialization. One of these advantages include expertise from different departments around campus — business, technology, engineering, law, etc. — and successful business professionals who serve as i2B advisors.

With the knowledge of these advisors, the i2B lab connects OU entrepreneurs with the resources and space needed to explore, define and launch a new business venture.

By providing critical assistance during the start-up phase, the I2B helps OU entrepreneurs increase their chance of success in the business world.

If you think you have a great business idea, submit an idea today! 

Phase 1 | Phase 2

Team Resource
Group Members
A Team Support Group (TRG) consists of undergraduate and graduate students from Oakland University and the Thomas M. Cooley Law School with a variety of backgrounds. Using the knowledge of the TRG members, individual i2B teams can implement the various components of their business plans. Along with the Advisor and I2B Director, the TRG members, ideas will be developed from initial business plans to commercialized enterprises.

Become a team member.

Each project team will be assigned an advisor to assist in the development of a business plan. Advisors meet with their respective project teams. The project teams will provide a status report on the progress on the development of their business plan. Additionally the advisors will meet with their project team on an as needed basis. The advisors primary functions will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Assist in the development of a project plan
  • Ensure that the project timeline is on schedule
  • Assemble a Team Support Group to assist the project team in specific functional areas. Typical functional areas include project planning; strategy development and business plans; product design, prototype development and product testing; marketing and market research (market segmentation, market dynamics, competitive analysis, benchmarking); manufacturing; distribution/logistics; organizational development; sources and use of investment capital, proforma financial statements, legal considerations (intellectual property, incorporations, etc.).
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Business Professionals
  • Faculty, staff, alumni and business professionals are encouraged and welcome to get involved in the I2B as volunteers. Opportunities are available as advisors who assist in the development of business plans. Other opportunities include mentoring participants and speaking at events. Contact Wayne Blizman if you'd like to get involved.

Through the I2B Advisor program, each participant/team will be assigned an advisor to assist in the development of the business plan. OU faculty members and alumni, and local business executives and entrepreneurs serve as volunteer advisors for the I2B.