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Business Honors Direct Admit

Business Honors Program

Preparing for a brilliant future

Talented students benefit from an educational experience that matches their academic preparations and aspirations. Direct admission to Oakland’s School of Business through its Business Honors program assists high-achieving high school students excel in their endeavors. The only standalone Business Honors program at a Michigan university, the Oakland Business Honors program offers students a close-knit community inside the business school. Each cohort takes customized classes in special sections open only to them, engage in a host of unique experiences, and prepare for a brilliant future.

Business Honors students:
  • Are immersed in a highly interactive, stimulating program offering rigorous academics;
  • Access enhanced student support services;
  • Take part in at least one international experience;
  • Build strong leadership skills through required experiential learning activities;
  • Represent Oakland in national and international competitions;
  • Form a strong network with peers and members of the professional community that will serve them well in their careers.

Admission to Oakland’s Business Honors Program is limited to exceptional students who are chosen on a competitive basis. High school students enter the program as freshmen and must apply by completing a separate application.

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Direct admission into Oakland’s business school puts motivated, high-achieving high school students on the fast-track to success. After being admitted directly to the School of Business Administration as freshmen, the Business Honors program also provides:

  • Opportunity for students to declare a major by the end of the freshman year
  • A structure designed to graduate students in four years
  • Pre-core and core courses taken as a cohort in special Honors sections
  • Required experiential learning activities
  • Mandatory international experience
  • Customized Freshman and Senior Seminars

Freshmen Business Honors students who live on campus may further enhance their educational and residential experience by applying to live in the Business Living Learning Community in West Vandenberg Hall.


Want to learn more? Attend an information session to learn about the engaging curriculum and experiences available for students in the Business Honors Direct Admit program.

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How to Apply

Admission Requirements
Enrollment in the Business Honors Program is limited. Only incoming freshmen will be admitted to the program each fall. To be considered, students must have:

  • High school GPA of 3.5 or greater following junior year
  • A combined SAT score of 1280 or higher or an ACT composite score of 27 or higher
  • A score of 660 or higher on the Mathematics section of the SAT or a score of 620 or higher on the Evidence-based Reading and Writing section; or an ACT Math score of 28 or higher or an ACT English score of 28 or higher

To be considered for direct admission into the Business Honors Program high school seniors must:

  • First apply to and be accepted by Oakland University at
  • Complete a Business Honors Program Supplemental Application

Business Honors Apply Now

Admission to Oakland’s Business Honors Program is limited to exceptional students who are chosen on a competitive basis. Completion of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the School of Business Administration as a direct admission student.

Acceptance in the program is decided on a rolling basis. Students are admitted to the program as freshmen each fall.


Taught by some of our most dedicated faculty members, courses in the Business Honors program feature:

  • Experiential, problem-solving activities (flipped classroom model)
  • Cased-based learning integrated across courses
  • Simulation-based capstone experience
Experiential Learning Activity
Business Honors students must participate in at least one experiential learning activity. That can include completing an internship, participating in Business Scholars, taking the Student Managed Investment Fund course (FIN 4900), or traveling internationally.

International Experience
Business Honors students can fulfill the mandatory international experience requirement by taking a foreign language class or international business elective, participating in a study abroad program, or by taking a business course that includes an international trip. Scholarships are often made available to help business students offset the cost of an international trip.

Freshman Seminar
This seminar incorporates the professional and career development objectives of our recognized ACHIEVE program with elements designed especially for our exceptional Business Honors students. In addition to an introduction to choosing a career and major, money management, networking and student orgs, Business Honors students also review and discuss major issues facing businesses and the economy, take field trips to experience business in action, hear from guest speakers and review summer reading assignments.

Senior Experience
To graduate from the Business Honors program, students must demonstrate in a paper how the academic and experiential programs in the Honors Program combined with their major coursework to prepare them for a successful professional career. Students must also complete a portfolio that includes a professional resume, experiences in experiential programs, Honors leadership experiences, community service activities, job shadowing, and internship experience.

Business Honors Courses
Business Honors students take business pre-core and core courses as a cohort in special Honors sections.



Introductory Financial Accounting



Managerial and Cost Accounting



Principles of Microeconomics



Principles of Macroeconomics



Managerial Economics



Managerial Finance



Legal Environment of Business



Management Strategies and Policies



Business Problem Solving with Information Technology



Management Information Systems






Introduction to Organization Behavior



Introduction to the Management of Human Resources



Operations Management



Statistical Methods for Business I



Statistical Methods for Business II


What is an example of a required experiential learning activity?
The Oakland business school offers students many opportunities to take part in experiential learning activities. Many of our high-achieving students take advantage of more than one. Options include: completing an internship, participating in Business Scholars, taking the Student Managed Investment Fund course (FIN 4900), and an international trip.

I can’t afford to travel, how can I meet the mandatory international experience?
While traveling internationally is a tremendous experience that students say it can’t be beat, it isn’t the only way to fulfill this requirement. Business Honors students can fulfill the international experience requirement by taking a foreign language class or international business elective. Keep in mind scholarships are often made available to help business students offset the cost of an international trip.

Can I be part of the Oakland Honors College as well as the Business Honors program?
Absolutely. The Honors College and the Business Honors program are complementary. All Honors College core courses satisfy the general education requirements of Oakland University and some core courses may also satisfy the ethnic diversity and writing in the Gen Ed requirement. Students in the Honors College work toward completing the HC requirements in conjunction with their major.

I want to live on campus. Can I extend my Honors experience in the residence halls?
There are a couple options for Honors students living on campus. Those students accepted into the Honors College and meet other criteria can apply for a spot in the Honors College Living Learning Community in Oak View Hall. Business Honors students also have the option of applying to be part of the Pre-Business Living Learning Community. Space is limited in both halls, so be sure to apply as soon as you are admitted to Oakland University.

Can I apply to the direct admit Business Honors program if I am not a freshman?
You can only apply and be admitted to the Business Honors program as an incoming freshman each fall.