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  • ACHIEVE a connection
  • ACHIEVE: Career Exploration


"One word sums up the Bachelor's Degree market, it's competitive...."

"Students need to tell their story in a way that is compelling to the organization, that shows they can add value"
Dr. Phil Gardner, Director
Collegiate Employment Research Institute
Michigan State University
From his Recruiting Trends 2015-2016 Presentation at Oakland University

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By integrating professional and career development skills into the undergraduate curriculum, the ACHIEVE program helps students successfully transition from college students to graduates who are highly marketable and ready for the professional world. The program is designed to give students critical career support throughout all the stages of their undergraduate educational development.

The ACHIEVE (SBC) courses aim to prepare students for their future by giving them tools for success while undergraduates. It provides opportunities for students to practice their skills with individual coaching and professional feedback, and gives students the opportunity to perform in a realistic setting backed by guidance and support.

The three, required zero-credit classes are project-based hybrid courses housed in Moodle. The format of the courses allows students to self-schedule to attend workshops and coaching sessions, submit assignments, and take quizzes.

Named a “Best Practice” by the AACSB accreditation board, the ACHIEVE program is fully supported by the SBA faculty and administrators and its goal is to help students ACHIEVE their competitive advantage as professionals in the business world.

SBC 1990

SBC 1990 is a half semester course which should be taken by pre-business students during their first year at Oakland University.

Events & Coaching:

  • ACHIEVE: A Connection
  • Navigate to Graduate
  • Money Management

AND Online Elements:

  • Career Leader Business Personality Assessment
  • Introduction to Student Organizations
  • Introduction to Career Services


  • Student Organizations
  • Introduction to Career Services
  • Money Management
SBC 2990

SBC 2990 is a half semester course to be taken to prepare for internships.


  • Networking with Professionals
  • Internship IQ

Coaching Appointment:

  • Resume Development

AND Online Elements:

  • Submit Approved Resume
  • Company Research Essay
XXX 3990

XXX* 3990 is a full semester course to be taken after reaching major standing.


  • Business Ethics workshop
  • Required attendance at a networking event
  • Mock Interview Appointment

AND Online Elements:

  • Job Market Analysis
  • Resume


  • Job Market Analysis
  • Dining Etiquette
NOTE: Working Professionals should consult course materials in Moodle for Alternative Assignments

* Your Major

ACHIEVE courses are Pass/Fail courses, and a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will appear on the student’s transcript.

While failure of an ACHIEVE course will not affect GPA, it can affect eligibility to be named to the Dean’s list or Financial Aid awards.

Completion of the three ACHIEVE courses is a graduation requirement for all SBA majors.


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ACHIEVE Program Team
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ACHIEVE Program Manager  
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ACHIEVE Internship and Program Coordinator
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ACHIEVE Office Assistant
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