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School of Health Sciences

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Academic Advising
3070 Human Health Building
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School of Health Sciences

Human Health Building
433 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)
(248) 370-3562

Academic Advising
3070 Human Health Building
(248) 370-2369

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Leadership Initiative

Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and InterProfessional Education (ECLIPSE)

Are you a School of Health Sciences student interested in getting involved on campus, standing out as a leader, and building your resume? ECLIPSE is one of only a few health-science specific leadership programs in the country. Join this leadership community to create an impact in purpose for health.

Unique to the School of Health Sciences, the ECLIPSE program is a professional development experience that aims to develop health professionals who impact individuals and populations of people through the power of interprofessional work and collaborative leadership.


  • Learn professional roles and responsibilities, effective communication skills, and the importance of teamwork and recognizing your values.  
  • Discover your leadership traits through collaboration, self-assessment and reflection, and develop an interprofessional leadership portfolio.
  • Build skills, qualities, and aptitudes that are essential to make you competitive in the workplace.  
  • Meet new people who have similar passions as you and HAVE FUN!

Interested? Fill out this Google Form or email - Coordinator for Student Services, Leadership & Engagement, Kelli Dowd at 

What is ECLIPSE?

Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education (ECLIPSE) is a leadership program founded on the ideas of Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education within the field of health. Collaborative Leadership is a process that includes everyone when addressing an issue or problem. Interprofessional Education is collaboration between multiple health professionals of different disciplines to improve patient outcomes.

Our Mission: To foster students’ abilities to become leaders within and beyond our communities through diverse, student-centered, collaborative, and interprofessional experiences, in purpose for health.

Our Values: Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education are at the core of leadership in diverse health-related professions. We believe that self-reflection and self-discovery contribute to shaping adaptive leaders’ ability to perform effectively in various contexts. We value health-related leaders who positively impact those they serve by:

  • Understanding that roles and responsibilities evolve and fluctuate.
  • Working independently and in teams.
  • Communicating effectively and responsibly with diverse individuals.
  • Recognizing values and ethics to maintain mutual respect.

Our Vision: Through practiced leadership as a collaborative effort, ECLIPSE graduates will be unique assets to diverse health-related professions as they perform with the purpose of improving the lives of others.

As a member of ECLIPSE, you are part of a community within the School of Health Sciences and can learn from peers and professionals in purpose for health.

How you Participate

ECLIPSE is flexible and works with your schedule, so you can engage with the program at your own pace. Through monthly events and continuous reflection, ECLIPSE encourages you to engage in self-discovery and learn more about who you are and the impact you can make as a leader in your field. ECLIPSE rewards you for what you are already planning on doing (such as attending a workshop, volunteering, or doing a group project in a class) and you earn points as you reflect on these experiences. The opportunity to earn badges and showcase experiences in your leadership portfolio will boost your resume and help you to stand out as a leader on campus.


          Bronze – (100 – 199 points)

          Silver – (200 – 299 points)

          Gold – (300 – 499 points)

          Platinum – (500+ points)

            *Platinum badge earners, our highest honor, will wear a medallion during graduation.

Participation in ECLIPSE is simple:

  • Attend and Participate at ECLIPSE events!
  • Engage inside and outside of the classroom as well as in the community.
  • Submit Reflections on your involvement and how it relates to the core principles of collaborative leadership and interprofessional education.
  • Earn Points towards your next Badge as you Reflect.
  • Schedule an individual meeting each semester which the Program Coordinator.
  • Keep Your Leadership Portfolio Updated.
  • Stay Engaged by checking your OU email and the ECLIPSE Team Drive frequently.
Year at a Glance

Each ECLIPSE member will be invited to a google calendar full of events happening throughout campus that students can participate in and earn points. Some of our events include:

  • Annual Fall Orientation
  • Ongoing Leadership Assessment and Reflection
  • Monthly ECLIPSE Events
  • School of Health Sciences and campus partner events such as Grizzlies LEAD or MLK Day of Service
  • Individual Meetings with the Program Coordinator Each Semester
  • Leadership Portfolio workshops
  • End of Year Celebration

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