Continuing Education

Professional and Workforce Development Courses

Oakland University offers several courses which focus on professional and workforce development for engineers working in industry. These courses emphasis engineering tools and their applications, rather than teaching theory. They are taught by experts from the OU faculty as well as from local industry, and most are open to any engineer (ME, EE, ISE, CE, etc.).

Courses are offered in several areas - select titles below for details on courses currently scheduled. All courses are conveniently offered on Oakland University's main campus in Auburn Hills.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) courses currently scheduled include:
  • PLM Applications - Product Data Management is a hands-on application course that will focus on the integration of a PDM tool, Teamcenter, with CAD tools.
    Schedule: Offered May - June, 2018.
  • PLM Applications - Maufacturing Process Planning is a hands-on application course that will focus on knowledge of the Siemens PLM tool Teamcenter and its use for Bill of Materials (BOM) management.
    Schedule: Offered July - August, 2018.
  • PLM Applications - Change Management is a hands-on application course will focus on the use of PLM tool Teamcenter for product initiation, product design, manufacturing and procurements.
    Schedule:  Sept. - Oct., 2018.
  • PLM Applications - Discrete Event Systems is a hands-on application course will focus on the use of the Siemens PLM tool Plant Simulation and will use it to conduct a series of simulations of various systems.
    Schedule:  Oct. - Dec., 2018.
  • PLM Applications - Ergonomics is a hands-on application course will focus on the PLM tool Jack and will use it to conduct a series of ergonomics projects.
    Schedule:  Jan. - Feb., 2019.
  • PLM Applications - Robotics is a hands-on application course will focus on the PLM tool Process Simulate - Robotics and will use it to conduct a series of robotics projects.
    Schedule:  Feb. - April, 2019.
  • Product Lifecycle Management provides a strategic overview of PLM. The course includes presentations from experts on PLM applications in industry.
    Schedule:  Jan. - April, 2019.
  • Innovation in Product Engineering Management will focus on the skills required to manage the unexpected and expected engineering successes and failures associated with a product development lifecycle.
    Schedule:  Jan. - Feb., 2019
Energy Management
Energy management courses currently scheduled include:
  • Fundamentals of Energy Management covers energy usage in residential, commercial and industrial enclosures, energy utilization, performing an energy assessment and optimizing energy usage.
    Schedule:  Sept. - Dec., 2018.
Courses are taught by James Liedel, Director Clean Energy Systems, or  Dr. Christopher Kobus, OU faculty member and Director of the OUInc Clean Energy Research Center.
Connected World - The Internet Of Things
Connected world courses currently scheduled include:
  • Competing in a Connected World will examine a variety of strategic topics through a series of projects and guest lectures covering topics such as the basic architecture of the connected world, building blocks to succeed in a business environment, strategies and governance models to monetize the value created using appropriate information architecture, leadership and learning necessary to make an organization ready to sustain its competitiveness. The course is taught by Gregg Garrett of CGS Advisors LLC.
    Schedule:  Sept. - Dec., 2018.
Project Management
Project management courses currently scheduled include:
  • Engineering Project Management will be taught by former Chrysler and Ford engineer Bill Edwards. This hands-on course was developed with the assistance of Fulcrum Edge Inc., a firm with vast project management experience.
    Schedule:  Sept. - Dec., 2018.
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation courses currently scheduled include:
  • Industrial Automation Systems will focus on the development of the skills and strategies needed for effective application of industrial automation in a variety of industrial settings.
    Jan. - April, 2019.