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Students with a past due bill less than $1,500 can register for classes beginning with the early registration period in March through the June bill due date. After the June bill due date, students with a past due bill greater than $0 will not be able to register until the past due bill is paid in full.

Students can check their holds on SAIL.  Go to and click on Check My Registration Status under Important Academic Information & Services (you may be asked to select a term).

The following table shows hold descriptions and who you should contact if a hold has been placed on your registration.

1-Term Admission101 NFH(248) 370-3360
Academic Probation 101 NFH (248) 370-3470 
Academic Records Office100 ODH(248) 370-4055
The Tutoring Center103 NFH(248) 370-4215
Address Missing100 ODH(248) 370-3450
First Year Advising Center
121 NFH(248) 370-3227
Arts and Sciences Advising221 VAR(248) 370-4567
Athletics Department201 RAC(248) 370-3190
Athletics Department-Missing Equipment201 RAC(248) 370-3190
BIS Advising160 NFH(248) 370-3229
Business Administration Advising332 EH(248) 370-3285
ESL Center1024 HHB
(248) 370-2175
Chemistry Lab265 SEB(248) 370-2331
CMI Retention Fund104 NFH(248) 370-4404
CMI Sharp Loan Fund104 NFH(248) 370-4404
Collections Payment Plan120 NFH(248) 370-2299
Conditional Admit - UG 121 NFH (248) 370-3227 
CSE Advising255 EC(248) 370-2201
Delinquent Payment Plan120 NFH(248) 370-2550
Disability Support Services103A NFH(248) 370-3266
Dismissal Option Program101 ODH(248) 370-3470
Educational Advising363 PH(248) 370-4182
EMBA Advising238A EH (248) 370-3287 
Engineering Advising255 EC(248) 370-2201
Expelled-Student Life144 OC(248) 370-3352
Foreign Student Advising157 NFH(248) 370-3358
Foreign Study Amount Due120 NFH(248) 370-2550
Graduate Admissions520 ODH(248) 370-3167
Graduate Study-Academic Action Final 520 ODH (248) 370-4156 
Graduate Study-Academic Action Pending520 ODH (248) 370-4156 
Graduate Study-Academic Appeal/Review520 ODH(248) 370-4156
Graduate Study-Academic Probation520 ODH(248) 370-4156
Graduate Study-Academic Progress520 ODH(248) 370-4156 
Graduate Study-Academic Warning520 ODH     (248) 370-4156 
Graduate Study-Contact 370-2700 520 ODH (248) 370-4156  
Graduate Study-Delay Admit PB-GP    520 ODH(248) 370-4156 
Graduate Study-Limited Standing520 ODH (248) 370-4156 
Graduate Study-Program Dismissal520 ODH(248) 370-4156
Graham Health CenterGHC(248) 370-2341
Health Sciences Advising3070 HHB(248) 370-2369
HRD Advising363 PH(248) 370-4182
Kresge Library Fines200A KL(248) 370-2470
Kresge Library Interlibrary Loan Materials200A KL(248) 370-2132
M2O Financial Hold120 NFH(248) 370-2294
Missing Transcript-Graduation Hold100 ODH(248) 370-3462
MOTT20 Financial Hold120 NFH(248) 370-2294 
Nursing Advising3027 HHB(248) 370-4253
O2O Financial Hold 120 NFH(248) 370-2294
OCIS Key Missing220 DHE(248) 370-3151
Official Transcripts Missing100 ODH(248) 370-3459
Orientation105 NFH(248) 370-4653
Outside Collections120 NFH(248) 370-2299
Parking Ticket Past Due10 PSS(248) 370-2826
Perkins/NDSL-Exit120 NFH(248) 370-2298
Perkins/NDSL-Past Due120 NFH(248) 370-2298
Persona Non Grata144 OC(248) 370-3352
Physics Lab Keys101 HHS(248) 370-3403
Recreation Center155D RAC(248) 370-4732
Registrar's Office-Bad Record102 ODH(248) 370-4055
Registrar's Office-General100 ODH(248) 370-3450
Registration100 ODH(248) 370-3450
Returned Payment120 NFH(248) 370-2550
SBS Financial Hold120 NFH(248) 370-2573
SC2O Financial Hold 120 NFH (248) 370-2294
SEHS Resource Center350 PH(248) 370-2485
State Collections120 NFH(248) 370-2299
Student Accounts Past Due120 NFH(248) 370-2550
Students First104 NFH(248) 370-4404
Student Life144 OC(248) 370-3352
Student Life-Academic Conduct Committee144 OC(248) 370-3352
Student Tech Center Equipment144 OC(248) 370-3352
Suspended-Student Life144 OC(248) 370-3352
TIN/SSN Number Missing120 NFHSFS website
Undergraduate Admission101 NFH(248) 370-3360