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School of Health Sciences

Academic Advising
3070 Human Health Building
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School of Health Sciences

Academic Advising
3070 Human Health Building
433 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)
(248) 370-2369

Dean's Office
Human Health Building
(248) 370-3562

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ECLIPSE Leadership Initiative

Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and InterProfessional Education (ECLIPSE)

ECLIPSE is one of only a few health-science specific leadership programs in the country. Unique to the School of Health Sciences, ECLIPSE is a professional development experience for undergraduate students that aims to develop health professionals who impact individuals and populations of people through the power of interprofessional work and collaborative leadership.

“​ECLIPSE has helped me gain connections with faculty and other students of similar majors. This program really is a good way to meet others and build your leadership skills.” ​- Braydon, Pre-PT

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Contact Us
Kelli Dowd
ECLIPSE Program Coordinator
Coordinator for Student Services, Leadership and Engagement
3123 Human Health Building

What is ECLIPSE?

Founded on the ideas of Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education within the field of health, ECLIPSE is designed to help students gain skills in each of our pillars; communication, teamwork, roles, and values, through practice and reflection. By working collaboratively and interprofessionally (multiple disciplines present), our future health leaders can be more intentional and improve patient and community health outcomes.

Our Mission: To foster students’ abilities to become leaders within and beyond our communities through diverse, student-centered, collaborative, and interprofessional experiences, in purpose for health.

Our Values: Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education are at the core of leadership in diverse health-related professions. We believe that self-reflection and self-discovery contribute to shaping adaptive leaders’ ability to perform effectively in various contexts. We value health-related leaders who positively impact those they serve by:

  • Understanding that roles and responsibilities evolve and fluctuate
  • Working independently and in teams
  • Communicating effectively and responsibly with diverse individuals
  • Recognizing values and ethics to maintain mutual respect

Our Vision: Through practiced leadership as a collaborative effort, ECLIPSE graduates will be unique assets to diverse health-related professions as they perform with the purpose of improving the lives of others.

As a member of ECLIPSE, you are part of a community within the School of Health Sciences and can learn from peers, staff, faculty, and professionals in purpose for health.

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Twitter: @OaklanduSHS

Membership Benefits
  • Learn skills necessary to be successful in your future career including; professional roles and responsibilities, effective communication skills, the importance of teamwork and the ability to recognize and lead with your values.
  • Discover your leadership traits through collaboration, self-assessment and reflection, and develop an interprofessional leadership ePortfolio.
  • Practice and build skills, qualities, and aptitudes that are essential to make you stand out and be competitive in health graduate programs and the workplace.
  • Get matched with a Peer Mentor group to meet new people who have similar passions as you and HAVE FUN!
Participation Information

Through workshops, service and continuous reflection, ECLIPSE encourages you to engage in self-discovery and learn more about who you are and the impact you can make as a leader in your field. ECLIPSE rewards you for what you are already planning on doing (such as attending a lecture, volunteering, or doing a group project in a class) and you earn points as you reflect on these experiences. The opportunity to move up levels and showcase experiences in your leadership ePortfolio will boost your resume and help you to stand out as a leader on campus and in your future career. ECLIPSE has a monthly meeting/workshop to help you practice skills in each of our pillars and organizes activities for students and mentoring groups. A Google calendar will be shared with you so you are aware of upcoming events that count for points.


Bronze 100–199 points

Silver 200–299 points

Gold 200–499 points

Platinum 500+ points

* Platinum earners, our highest honor, will receive a stole to wear for graduation.

What does participation in ECLIPSE look like? 

  • Attend 3 of 4 ECLIPSE class meetings each semester. ECLIPSE classes are zero credit hours, but show up on your transcript. Once you sign up to join ECLIPSE, you will be sent the CRN information to register.
  • Meet 4 times a semester with your peer mentor group (assigned upon entering program).
  • Submit reflections for your involvement on and off campus about the leadership skills you are building around communication, teamwork, responsibility, and values to earn points towards the next level in ECLIPSE.
  • Develop an ePortfolio to track your leadership journey and share with future employers.
  • Meet individually once a semester with the ECLIPSE program coordinator to review your progress in the program.
  • Your final year in the program, participate in a semester-long Community Impact Project with a group of students from different health majors, in partnership with a health-focused community organization.
  • Stay involved in ECLIPSE throughout your entire time as an OU student and gain access to resources, such as research and volunteer opportunities to help you grow as a confident, future leader in health.

Note: If you are a transfer student, you are able to join ECLIPSE and possibly move up levels based on your previous involvement. Contact ​ to learn more.