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Letter from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin J. Corcoran, Dean

The journey of a lifetime can begin with a single “click.” I’m glad that you clicked or tapped your way to the College of Arts and Sciences website, for you have begun a journey that could take you to places that will stretch your imagination.

A strong College of Arts and Sciences forms the heart of any great university, and ours is no exception. Whether your journey takes you deep within the human brain or to the vastness of the universe, we’re the place you want to be. Whether that journey of discovery takes you to calculus or cubism, improvisational theatre or archaeological digs, local government or international studies, nanotechnology or Nachtmusik — all of these activities call Arts and Sciences home! And, this list barely scratches the surface of the dozens of other areas of study that may be part of your journey.

Regardless of what you study, you will find talented faculty who will involve you in creative work and research, with active learning at the core of your educational experience. You will come to understand the key issues in a field, to think critically and communicate effectively about those issues, create new knowledge and ways of thinking, and connect that learning to the world beyond the classroom. These are the skills that employers are clamoring for.

Don’t believe me?  Check this out: It Takes More Than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success

As important as preparing you for a job, your Arts and Sciences education will help you discover new capacities within yourself — a discovery that will transform you forever. That transformation will prepare you for your first job, your last job, and every job in between … and help you change the world!

But, enough from me … you’ve got quite a trip to take!