Outreach Programs

Apiary Science
Apiary Science in Schools

Since 2004, Dr. Dyanne Tracy has been promoting the integration of apiary science and skills in schools. The science and art of beekeeping can be aligned with every curricular subject and grade level.

If your school or co-curricular group is interested in making a visit to the Oakland University Apiary (May through September) or learning about the biology of honeybees and the art of beekeeping, contact  Dr. Dyanne Tracy.

If you are interested in a graduate level course where you can learn how to establish an apiary at your own school or nearby nature center, EST643 might be perfect for you.
Walter P.
Chrysler Museum
Students from EED316 Educating Children in Art, visit the  Walter P. Chrylser Museum to learn the "art" of integrating art across all subjects in K-8.
High School
Teacher Cadet
The Elementary Education Teacher Preparation Governance Council is happy to receive applications for Teacher Cadet Partnerships from area high schools that include a Teacher Cadet Program as part of their Career and Technical Education Curriculum. Details about the Teacher Cadet Partnership Review Process can be received from Ms. Kalynn Potter, K-16 Seamless Education Programs.

The benefits for current students and teachers in approved Teacher Cadet Partnership Programs include:
  • Willingness of Oakland University School of Education and Human Services faculty to design and/or present mutually beneficial curriculum once each semester
  • Onsite presentation about how to navigate the college application process, enroll in Elementary Education, and explore Michigan Department of Education Teacher Certification options
  • Invitation to students and families to tour the Oakland University main campus with emphasis on Elementary Education
  • Invitation to students and families to tour the Oakland University at Macomb campus with emphasis on Elementary Education
  • Invitation to students to attend a class session in an Elementary Education course at either campus
The benefits for graduates of approved Teacher Cadet Partnership Programs who enroll at Oakland University in the Elementary Education Program include:
  • 70 hours working with children waived
  • 20 hours required
  • EED310 (4 credits) waived
  • EED311(2 credits) is required
Current Teacher Cadet Partnerships

Utica Community Schools
Ms. Karen Chaffee
Future Educators Instructor