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Policies & Exceptions

Policies & Exceptions

Fingerprinting Policy
“Oakland University, local schools or school districts may require the Oakland university student to sign a statement identifying all crimes for which they have been convicted, obtain or consent to state and federal criminal history record checks and/or submit fingerprints to the Michigan State Police, all at the student’s expense, before the student may participate in student teaching or field placements.”

Placement Policy
No student shall contact either unilaterally or via a surrogate person, a school district, school administrator, teacher or other staff member concerning a request for her/his placement for student teaching. Arrangements for student teaching placement are made only by the university with the central administration of the local school district. Students who violate this policy jeopardize not only their own student placement but also the placement of other students from Oakland University. 

Exceptions to the Student Teaching Requirement
Prior or current full-time or part-time teaching will not satisfy this requirement. However, the Elementary Teacher Education Programs Governance Council and the State of Michigan have approved an exception to the above restriction, providing all of the following criteria are met. In this situation, we may allow a student teacher to complete her/his internship in her/his classroom with the following stipulations:
  1. The student must already have emergency certification from the Michigan Department of Education; 
  2. The student must be teaching in her/his subject area for certification and at a level that agrees with the level of the expected certificate; 
  3. The student must be teaching in a public school; 
  4. The student must have permission from the school district; 
  5. The placement must be approved by Oakland University’s Director of School and Field Services; 
  6. The elementary school must provide a mentoring person at the school level who will monitor the student daily; 
  7. There will be a supervising teacher assigned by Oakland University with all of the typical reviews of the student teacher and the normal frequency of visits being maintained; 
  8. The student must attend the seminar experiences every second week at Oakland University during student teaching; 
  9. The student must be teaching in a geographic area served by Oakland University. 
  10. The student initiates the approval process by completing and filing a SEHS petition of exception. If the criteria are all met, and the Petition Committee approves, the arrangements of the placement must still be arranged through the Director of School and Field Services.

Postponing Student Teaching
If you need to postpone your student teaching for any reason, please let the Director of School and Field Services know right away.  If you need to postpone your student teaching, you will be required to reapply and start the process over.  If you must postpone because you have not passed your MTTC, please apply for the following semester as soon as you receive your passing score.

Liability Insurance Policy
Students who are placed in schools as part of the SEHS curriculum must obtain student teacher liability insurance at their own cost. This insurance is to cover students for allegations of negligence causing bodily injury, personal injury or property damage while participating in the student teaching placement. Limits for student liability coverage must be for $1 million per occurrence, or greater. This insurance may be obtained from your own insurance provider or you may obtain this coverage by becoming a student member of the Michigan Education Association. All students participating in a student teaching assignment must provide the Director of School and Field Services with a certificate of insurance evidencing this coverage prior to any placement. The student liability policy does not cover physical injury to the student. In such cases, the student will have to rely on their own personal or hospitalization insurance. Information regarding the procedure for becoming a student member of the MEA will be provided at your initial student teaching orientation seminar. (

Restrictions — Conflict of Interest
Students may not intern in districts/schools in which a potential for conflict of interest for the grade, the learning experience or for the recommendation for certification exists. This will be determined by the Director of School and Field Services. We believe in clustering our interns, therefore a cluster potential must also exist in the district of preference. Those students who are majoring in areas that all schools do not offer, need to know that our options for placement are decreased, thus limiting our ability to meet your requests.