Reading and Language Arts
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Jim Cipielewski

Research interests:

My research and scholarly interest center on how we acquire our ability to listen, speak, read and write and then what happens to us because we read. Since reading is such a key element in this, I have been interested in the cognitive science aspects of reading. My other major interest is closely associated — children’s literature. Linda Pavonetti, Ed.D., and I curate a small collection of original art from children’s books as well as some of the early transcripts. 

Past research activities/experience:

  • National Survey of Children’s Spelling Errors in Stories or Essays
  • Showing the relationship between recreational (out-of-school) reading to increased word, comprehension, spelling, and general world knowledge.
  • Longitudinal study of kindergarteners investigating early predictors of literacy achievement.

Current research activities:

  • Collecting and acting as co-curator of original children’s literature and art from children’s literature.
  • Finding and comparing Cinderella tales (AT 510) from Germany, Scotland, Ireland and the Beech Creek area of Appalachia.
  • Investigating best practices in teaching literacy theory and instruction to preservice teachers.
  • Reviewing the research evidence for the ability of teacher testing to predict teaching effectiveness.

Research goals/plans for future projects:

  • Investigating the recreational reading of college juniors and investigating differences between majors with a special emphasis on elementary teacher education.
  • Making available an extensive collection of materials related to children’s books with a special emphasis on the work of Ashley Bryan.

Workshops, In-Service Institutes, and Community Events:

Using children’s books in the classroom. For example:
  • Genre Studies;
  • Books and Activities for Grades Levels or Units of Study;
  • What Books and Activities for Young Children Promote Reading Acquisition;
  • Discussing Picture Book Design and Processes Used by Several Authors and Illustrators.
  • Censorship of Books versus Book Selection Policies
  • What Benefits Reading Beyond Information and Pleasure Are Attributed to Reading