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Practicum Requirements

Practicum Requirements

Early Childhood Education

Students seeking an Early Childhood endorsement must complete a practicum with young children. Those students who elect to continue their graduate studies beyond the endorsement to obtain a Master's degree will complete the degree with 38 credits, reflecting the addition of the 2 credit endorsement practicum, EC546, Workshop in Early Childhood Curriculum.

Special Education

All students seeking a Special Education endorsement must complete a practicum as a part of their program. Students are eligible for the practicum upon the completion of the necessary course work (see program plan).  If questions, please contact your advisor.

Under the current structure, students may demonstrate the competencies required in one of the following ways:

  • In their own professional setting, if appropriate (must be special education teacher of record)
  • In a setting under the supervision of a teacher certified in the targeted categorical area
  • In OU's summer practicum programs

Certification/Endorsement information can be found on the SEHS Advising site:

Deadline dates to apply for the special education practicum are as follows:

Fall Practicum —  July 15
Winter Practicum —  November 16
Summer Practicum —  February 15

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