ESL Institute/Department of Linguistics

O'Dowd Hall, Room 326
586 Pioneer Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-4482
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Phone: (248) 364-8803
Fax: (248) 370-3587

English as a second language institute
A member of the 
American Association of 
Intensive English Programs

ESL Institute

At Oakland University, you can improve your English proficiency skills, learn how to succeed at an American university, explore a new culture, join clubs, and participate in campus activities. You will have the support and encouragement you need so that when you begin academic courses, you will have the confidence in your language and academic readiness skills to succeed. #ThisIsOU

Ways to attend Oakland University:

  1. ESL Institute: Improve your skills in English while becoming familiar with studying in the USA.
  2. Global Achievement Pathways Program (GAPP): Get started on your degree program while taking ESL support classes.
  3. American Semester Abroad Program (ASAP): Challenge yourself! Spend a semseter or two in the United States and develop your entrepreneurial passion.
  4. Fully admitted academic student: Follow your dreams and earn a degree, and if you want to continue to improve your skills in English, you can still take an ESL class!

Get Involved!

All OU students, ESL and academic students, are invited to be a Conversation Partner.

All OU students are eligible – native and non-native speakers of English! Get to know someone from another country or culture. Meet another OU student to chat and to learn about another culture while sharing a bit about your own culture, too.

New partners are always needed!  Sign up today!