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About the MPA Program

About the MPA Program
The Master of Public Administration Program at Oakland University advances excellence in public and non-governmental management through strengthening the leadership capacity, analytical skills, ethics, accountability, diversity, and responsiveness of current and aspiring public and non-governmental executives. Accredited through the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration, the program is designed to deliver outstanding service to our students, the university community, and the public at large.

"The Master of Public Administration Program at Oakland University advances excellence in public and non-governmental management through strengthening the leadership capacity, problem-solving skills, public service values, and community engagement of current and aspiring public and non-governmental executives. The program is designed to deliver outstanding service to our students, the university community, and the public at large."

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Oakland University provides a challenging education for recent graduates seeking professional careers and for those already employed in governmental and other public agencies. The need for such programs is recognized, given the growth in the number and complexity of agencies at the state and local level and the concerns for both responsive and effective public service at all levels. The MPA program seeks a generalist focus through a set of core courses and provides an opportunity for specialization through the electives and the directed project/internship option. Persons with significant experience in public service will be advised to undertake a directed project; those seeking a transition to a public service career will be encouraged to find a public administration internship in one of the area agencies. All courses in the program will be offered weekday evenings, or in some cases, on Saturdays.

All of the Oakland University Master of Public Administration programs are fully accredited by NASPAA, 1029 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005
The requirement for the MPA is 40 credits. All required courses are offered during weekday evenings and, in some cases, on Saturdays. If students successfully carry a full time class load of 8 credits, it will be possible to complete the program in two calendar years or five semesters, starting in the fall of one year and ending in the spring/summer of the next academic year.

Foundation Requirements

Program director will review undergraduate transcript to determine if these courses are needed. They are not required of all students entering the program and are not included in the 40 credit program total.

View the academic catalog for a full description of the program and all of the necessary requirements for the MPA program.

Featured video: MPA Foundations Course Overview

Concentration Options
In addition to the 24 credits in the core curriculum, a student may take all 12 elective credits in one of five concentrations: court administration, health care administration, non-profit organization and management, local government management or criminal justice leadership. Each concentration has one course that is a “core course” meaning that the student must take that course. Students who pursue a concentration may need an additional semester to complete elective requirements. Students may also choose not to concentrate in one area, and may take 12 electives from among any the program offers.

View the online catalog for concentration requirements. 
Admission to the program is selective. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited undergraduate institution, and must have a grade record that indicates above-average work (generally, a GPA of 3.0 or greater.) The program welcomes students with a wide variety of undergraduate preparations. Basic courses in political science, government, or public administration, economics, statistics, and accounting are needed. Arrangements may be made for conditional admission to the program while specific deficiencies are being corrected. Note: Neither the GRE nor the GMAT are required.

Featured video: Meet OU's MPA Program Coordinator!

Preparation for the MPA

Degrees in a wide variety of majors will prepare the student for admission. Students with limited or no background in statistics, accounting, and macro-economics are provided foundation courses to correct these deficiencies. Students otherwise qualified for admission to the program, but lacking in these areas, may be admitted conditionally with the requirement that the deficiency be corrected during the first year of the program. During an applicant's initial interview with the MPA Program Coordinator, a plan will be made for meeting these requirements. Credits earned to meet these standards will not be counted toward the total graduate credits needed for the degree. Note: Neither the GRE nor the GMAT are required for admission to this program.

Admission Procedure

Applicants must
For information and complete details on the graduate admissions process, please visit the graduate admission website.  You will find application instructions, deadlines, contact information, and international student resources.

You may contact the MPA Program Coordinator, Suzanne Rossi, at or (248) 370-4117 if you have any questions.
Anton/Frankel Center
Oakland University's Campus Location in Mt. Clemens

Oakland University's MPA program is now offering courses at the new Mt. Clemens campus: The Anton/Frankel Center (AFC). The AFC building provides an opportunity for students to have access to a quality OU education closer to where they work and live. The AFC building itself has state of the art classroom technology, as well as free Wi-Fi for the students' convenience. Each fall and winter semester, one core MPA course and one elective in the criminal justice leadership or the court administration concentration will be offered.

Concentration Possibilities

It is possible for a student to earn an MPA degree in three years by taking classes entirely at the AFC location. A student can concentrate in either criminal justice leadership or court administration exclusively at the AFC, or they can choose to pursue a generalist MPA degree. Please contact Suzanne Rossi ( to set up an advising appointment and learn how the new AFC center can benefit you as you pursue your master's degree!
The Post-Master’s Certificate program, offered by the Master of Public Administration program, is designed to provide students who have already earned an MPA or a similar degree with additional education and training in specialized areas of public management and administration. Students will be required to take at least 16 hours of graduate work beyond the Master’s degree in one of the five post-master's program areas of Court Administration, Criminal Justice Leadership, Health Care Administration, Local Government Management, or Nonprofit Organization and Management. Students in the post-master's certificate program will be required to earn a grade of 3.0 or above in each course required for the certificate.