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Future Students

Future Students

Continuing Education
The English as a Second Language (ESL) Institute Program is intended for continuing education students who are interested in studying ONLY English as a Second Language (ESL) and who do not plan to pursue academic coursework at the undergraduate level at Oakland University. 
The program that  the ESL Center offers is designed to meet the educational needs of our full-time ESL students and to comply with AAIEP accreditation standards. These students are required to enroll in four ESL classes during the fall and winter semesters and three courses during the summer semesters. After completing the initial online placement test, students are placed into a specific level for the three core course areas of  reading, writing, and speaking/listening which are taught at four proficiency levels. For the fourth course, recommendations are given to each student based on the student's language abilities and needs.  Possible recommendations include a course  for academic communications  which is offered at four levels (foundations, beginning, intermediate and advanced), English grammar (online course) which is offered for  one level  (intermediate or advanced) ), or test preparation (partially online) which is offered for one level (advanced only). In addition, during the fall and winter terms, the ESL Center employs a graduate assistant who provides small group and one-on-one tutoring by appointment for free.



  • Continuing education students in the ESL Institute enroll in an intensive ESL program each term.  
  • During the fall and winter semesters the classes are 14 weeks long.  During the summer, there are two sessions that are each 7 weeks long.
  • Full-time students must enroll in four ESL classes each fall and winter semester at their placement level and three ESL classes each Summer I and Summer II semester.
  • Students do NOT receive academic credit for these courses; however, students may receive a certificate of completion if enrolled full-time and complete all courses satisfactorily (4 courses per semester which equals 16 hours).
Conditionally Admitted
For students who want to earn an academic degree (bachelor's, master's, or doctoral) from Oakland University or another American college/university.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Note: Students who do NOT want to pursue an academic degree and who want to take ONLY ESL classes to improve their ability to communicate in English should contact the ESL Institute.

The Oakland University English as a Second Language Program is available to J-1 exchange students each semester.  Non-matriculating exchange students have the option of taking up to three courses (4 credits each) in speaking and listening comprehension, reading and vocabulary development, and writing and sentence structure with other international students.  A maximum of twelve OU credits per term can be earned. Please note that students must take an online placement test before registering for English language classes. 

During the fall and winter terms, free workshops are offered to ESL students on a variety of topics to enhance students' learning.  In addition, the ESL Center employs a graduate assistant who provides small group and one-on-one tutoring by appointment for free.

Individual Instruction Program (Non-Credit)

Individual instruction in English as a second language is offered through the ESL Center and can begin at anytime during the academic year. Sessions are arranged individually and designed to meet the students' individual language needs.

There is a $45 per hour fee for instruction with a minimum of 16 hours of instruction required (supplies and books are extra). A contract will be issued showing the course of study, number of hours, number of weeks, tuition cost, instructor’s name, etc.

A signed contract and full payment for all hours contracted is required before instruction may begin. The meeting time and place will be determined between the instructor and the student.

An informational form must be completed to initiate the process.

Corporate ESL

Corporations interested in providing English as a Second Language instruction to their employees are encouraged to contact the ESL Center for further information.

Linda Hubarth, Office Assistant II
Department of Linguistics ESL Center
1024 Human Health Building (HHB), Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309-4401
(248) 370-2175