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Department of Writing and Rhetoric

Writing and Rhetoric for Today

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric (WRT) addresses the evolving nature of persuasion and written communication in the 21st century.

Major in Professional and Digital Writing and Rhetoric

We offer a Major in Professional and Digital Writing that provides students with education and experiences in professional writing and digital media composition.

Find Work as a Writer, Designer, or Editor

A degree in Professional and Digital Writing prepares students for careers in the following areas:

  • technical and professional writing
  • editing
  • writing for social media
  • web design
  • writing tutoring and consultation
  • education
  • graduate study in rhetoric and composition or related fields

Minor in Writing

A Minor in Writing provides students with course work and experiences composing for professional, digital, and academic audiences.

Are you taking a fully online WRT class during Fall 2021? Here is information about our classes:

What is a fully online WRT class?

All OU classes have a Moodle (our learning management system) page. Our instructors set up and manage the class on Moodle, create the assignments or projects, grade and provide feedback on your work, and answer your questions or concerns.

Our fully online classes offer you the flexibility of managing your time, allow you to access class materials easily through Moodle, and prepare you for a changing workforce, as more workplaces become globalized and distributed.

What is a synchronous WRT class?

If your WRT class has a synchronous time scheduled, that means the instructor and students are “live” or meeting together in the same online session, which will begin and end at the scheduled time every week. 

What is an asynchronous WRT class?

If your WRT class has no time scheduled, that means it is an asynchronous class that does not hold scheduled class meetings. You will complete the class by following the schedule that the instructor has laid out on the syllabus, at the time and pace of your choosing.  See video here on asynchronous classes.

How can you interact or connect with the instructor if you have questions or concerns?

We strongly encourage that you connect with your instructors by emailing them, scheduling an online meeting, or attending their online or virtual office hours. Your instructors are available to answer any concerns questions you may have about the class.

How can you be successful in fully online WRT classes?

To be successful in our WRT classes, you will need 

  • reliable internet connection and a computer that will allow you to complete your coursework on Moodle. 
  • a backup plan to use another computer or find another location with internet access if your computer or internet connection are not working properly.
  • a plan for backing up any files you use in the course. 
  • the ability to work through technical problems you can’t resolve on your own with remote support technicians.
  • to check Moodle and your email frequently for updates and announcements
  • to allocate enough time for completing your coursework. 
  • to attend class meetings if you are enrolled in a synchronous class.

Exciting and Relevant Courses

We offer an exciting and cutting-edge range of writing courses that are open to majors and non-majors alike, including:

Courses in
Professional Writing
Courses in
Writing for Digital Media
Courses in
Writing Studies

Business Writing


Grant Writing

Legal Writing

Professional Writing

Science Writing

Technical Writing

Digital Identity
and Culture

Digital Publishing

Digital Storytelling


Rhetoric and
Video Games

Rhetoric of Web Design

Art of Persuasion

Creative Nonfiction

Global Rhetorics

Teaching Writing

Writing Center Studies

Writing with the Community

Many WRT courses fulfill general education requirements for writing-intensive, knowledge applications, global perspectives, and diversity. Check out a full list of our general education and upper-level Course Offerings, or see more information about the range of Featured Classes we're offering this semester.

Get More Information

Learn more about Oakland University's award-winning, nationally recognized First-Year Writing ProgramGet information about our Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Digital Writing or the Minor in Writing. For advanced students, learn about our Graduate Courses, including courses in Digital PublishingTeaching Writing, and Teaching Writing with Digital Media.