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UTS Leadership

UTS Leadership

Leadership Mission

The leadership of University Technology Services is responsible for the execution of the mission and strategic plan. The team provides leadership with regards to technical direction, systems/network architecture, resource allocation, vendor contacts, risk assessment, capacity planning, strategic planning, budget, project coordination, standards, and staff development.  

Leadership values are important for our organization to be successful.  The CIO's leadership philosophy has these values:

Leadership is collaborative and participatory, and I value the contributions of individuals and teams to achieving our goals. I value dedication and commitment to organizational goals and to personal achievement. I value core competencies that include five orientations: technology, service, change, communication, and strategic thinking. We need to be more than good technologists; we need to develop competencies in all orientations. I value seeking excellence and creativity in every action, task, and project. I value personal accountability: initiative, self-motivation, self-sufficiency, and productivity. I value demonstrated professional ethics and integrity: honesty, respect, fairness, and discretion.
- Theresa Rowe

Strategic Plan

Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan


University Technology Services Organizational Chart

UTS Departments

Enterprise Applications
Information Security Office
Network Communications Services
Technical Support and Services

Enterprise Applications


The Enterprise Applications Team maintains enterprise systems, including Banner ERP, uPortal, uMobile, and other database and application systems.  Another responsibility is data integration among technology solutions located on premise and in the cloud, including data exchanges with external organizations.  The team creates and maintains the MySAIL mobile experience, including the MySAIL portal and the MySAIL Apple iOS and Android apps.  The team supports process efficiency projects by developing and maintaining online routable forms, online document management, and workflows.  The team is also responsible for applications supporting identity access management.  We maintain technical currency in emerging technologies used to enhance Banner, provide quality mobile services, and integrate third party systems and applications.   We implement technology in ways that serve the greater university community while balancing fiscal constraints.

Information Security Office


The Information Security Office is responsible for the development and management of the information security program, recognizing the need to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of institutional information technology resources and recognizing the requirement to comply with obligations from a number of sources, including federal and state laws and regulations, contractual obligations, and the ethical commitment to protect privacy of data entrusted to the university.  The Information Security Office actively engages in information technology risk assessment, information security incident handling and response, reporting, security monitoring and services, training and awareness, threat mitigation, and compliance.

The designated security program administrator is the Chief Information Officer. The Information Security Plan and other information related to security is posted here.


The Oakland University Network will be capable of providing any service requiring network connectivity, anytime, anywhere, in a reliable and secure manner.  Network management and operations will be cost effective and predictable.

The Network Communications Services (NCS) team is responsible for:

  • Wiring and cable plant design and engineering
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Internet and Internet2 connectivity
  • Wireless initiatives
  • Router, switch, and firewall engineering and operation
  • Network services including domain name services, Internet Protocol addressing, and network time
  • Standards for network attached devices on campus
  • Bandwidth management
  • Network utilization analysis
  • Network access support and security
  • Network security

About Operations

Operations supports university campus data center facilities.

Services Provided

  • Administrative application processing
  • Facilities support and management
  • Host center for departmental servers
  • Maintaining multiple data centers
  • Physical security and integrity


The Technical Support and Services (TSS) team will analyze, sustain, secure, and enhance the systems resources of Oakland University (OU). We strive to stay technically current in related fields and to adapt our understanding of new technologies. The team applies technical knowledge to the existing environment in order to find ways to move university systems forward in a highly functional, secure, and fiscally responsible manner. We endeavor to implement technology in ways which serve the greater university community while balancing fiscal constraints. The TSS team is responsible for operating systems, service architecture, and support of technology architecture and services. These services include the Linux and Windows hardware and software environments that provide access to storage, learning, printing, Ellucian Banner, and other systems. Services also include disaster recovery, calendaring, database management, directory services, and server consultation.

Services Provided

  • System and server architecture and administration
  • Operating system management: Linux and Windows
  • Communications systems, including mail systems: SMTP server for sending e-mail, IMAP server for reading e-mail, POP server for reading e-mail, and Webmail for Web access to e-mail
  • Identity management systems and services: LDAP directory server and CAS service for authentication and access routing on Linux servers
  • Windows Active Directory structure
  • Learning systems server support, including Moodle
  • Ellucian Banner university enterprise environment: database servers, Oracle database management, SAIL Web servers, and MySail Portal
  • Print systems and servers
  • University antivirus server
  • University file and storage servers with OakShare and Shares
  • University data disaster backup and recovery servers
  • Departmental Consultation — Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu Linux servers

Meet the Staff

Abbo, TeriBudget & IT Procurement Managerabbo@oakland.edu2151
Becker, AnthonyDatabase Administratorbecker@oakland.edu2117
Bolton, DennisInformation Security Officerbolton@oakland.edu4803
Cox, MichaelSenior Database Analystcox@oakland.edu2109
Cromas, Lucy
Office Assistant III
Culberson, ErikJava Developer Analysteculberson@oakland.edu2509
Dhir, NameetaSenior Developer Analystnsdhir@oakland.edu2115
Foltz, LeeSenior Identity Systems Engineerfoltz2@oakland.edu2675
Garcia, PeterComputer Operatorgarcia@oakland.edu4444
Grant, AaronSenior Applications Architectasgrant@oakland.edu2556
Hajek, TomasLead Systems Engineer / IT Architecthajek@oakland.edu3505
Hollis, JamiraNetwork Engineer Ijhollis@oakland.edu3694
Johnson, JordanNetwork Engineer Ijordanjohnson@oakland.edu3692
Kennedy, Jackie
Office Assistant III
Kindlimann, ErikaNetwork Security Engineerkindlima@oakland.edu2017
Kondek, LouSystems Engineerkondek@oakland.edu2547
Lavallais, VeronicaTelephone Console Operatorlavalla2 @oakland.edu5498
Maktala, LakshmiProject Coordinator / Systems Integratorindiresh@oakland.edu3178
Mangold, MatthewVirtualization Engineermmangold@oakland.edu2542
Mercier,  TravisSenior Linux Systems Engineertmercier@oakland.edu2651
Morrah, JoelSenior Developer Analystjoelmorrah@oakland.edu3173
Nowak, MarioDirector Infrastructure Servicesnowak@oakland.edu2677
Paulus, MichaelSystems Engineermpaulus@oakland.edu4340
Pleiness, JacobStorage Engineerjdpleiness@oakland.edu2568
Powell, BrandonJava Developer Analystbjpowel2@oakland.edu4498
Rowe, TerrieChief Information Officerrowe@oakland.edu4326
Stevens, EricSenior Windows Systems Engineerejsteven@oakland.edu2133
Terry-Callahan, LucyTelephone Console Operatorterrycal@oakland.edu5499
Tirpak, LoriExecutive Director Enterprise Systemstirpak@oakland.edu3158
Vargo, LoganNetwork Engineer Ivargo@oakland.edu4932
Waters, DennisDirector Network Communications
Wincek, ZacharySenior Linux Systems Engineerzjwincek@oakland.edu3899
Zeiaee, ImanLead Network Architectizeiaee@oakland.edu2808
Zimmerman, BradSecurity Engineerbzimmerman@oakland.edu4096

August 2017