C2 - 2013 Health Care Benefit Plans

BMI Qualification/Exception Information

Outcome Based HMO FAQ's

Benefit Plan Summaries
 2012 Staff Community Blue A
 2012 Staff Community Blue B
 2012 Faculty Community Blue A
 2012 Faculty Community Blue B
 2012 HAP Health Engagement Enhanced
 2012 HAP Health Engagement Standard
 2012 HAP Faculty
 2012 Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living - AP, POLC & POAM
 2012 Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living - OUPSA & OUCMT
 2012 Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living - Faculty
 2012 Priority Health
 2012 Priority Health - Faculty
Co-Op Optical Benefit Summary
  Co-Op Optical Retail Locations
 Blue Cross Vision Summary
 Delta Dental Faculty Summary
 Dental Benefit Staff Summary
 Meritain Flexible Spending Newsletter
  MetLaw Group Legal Summary
  MetLaw Brochure
Employee Benefit Summaries
 Academic Administrator
Academic Dean
Administrative Professional
Clerical Technical
Dispatcher Full-Time
Excluded Clerical Technical
Full-Time Faculty
 Individual Contract
 Police Officer Full-Time
Police Sergeant Full-Time
Research Associate and Research Assistant (YY)
Service Maintenance
School of Medicine Faculty
Special Lecturers
Visiting Faculty