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Guest Student Teachers

From OU
In order for an Oakland University student to complete EED455, student teaching, in a district other than one in which Oakland University has an existing relationship, the following procedure must be followed. 
  • File a petition of exception requesting approval for a guest student teaching experience in another state, or district other than one in which Oakland University has an existing relationship. (Prior to the meeting date for student teacher orientation for application.) 
  • Be in good academic standing, including completion of field experiences, and without any active faculty-student concern reports. 
  • If approval is given, student must find a university that will accept them as a guest, understanding that they register at OU for the appropriate number of credits in the student teaching course (EED455, AED455, SED455, TD555, or TD559) and will be responsible for a guest fee payment to the accepting university to cover the cost of placement and supervision. 
  • Student must forward the name, address, phone number and email address of the contact person at that university to the Director of School & Field Services such that a formal request for placement may be made, that will include our requirements that would need to be met in this placement. 
  • If the contacted university indicates that they can address our requirements, and accepts the student for guest student teaching placement, the student is responsible for seeing that all observation evaluations and final evaluations, along with a grade based on 0.0-4.0 scale is forwarded to the School & Field Services Director at the completion of the internship. The student cannot be recommended for graduation or certification until this material is received. 
  • Our student must also be willing to meet any additional requirements of the host school. 
at OU
If you wish to complete your student teaching from another university with Oakland University, you would contact the Director of School and Field Services at 248-370-3083. We will work with the director in your university to complete the paperwork needed. You will be required to:
  • You must attend the student teacher orientation and seminars with your supervisor.
  • The guest fee must be paid by August 1 for fall or December 1 for winter.
  • Have verification of individual liability insurance. This may be obtained by purchasing a student MEA membership for $27 that covers you from Sept.1 through the school year. We must have a copy of this and your check to the MEA on file with us by August 15.
  • You must have completed through our University, a bloodborne pathogen training and have passed the test with 70% accuracy. 
  • Complete any requirements that Oakland University may have in addition to your regular program.