Strategic Innovation Certificate Course

While 93% of CEOs rely on innovation to achieve companies’ growth targets (a study by Accenture), less than 1% of innovations create growth (a study by Frost & Sullivan) - Strategic Innovation is risky!

The Oakland University’s Strategic Innovation program is designed to address this challenge. Every client-organization can expect cutting its risk of failing to achieve its growth objectives by at least 50% comparing to the uninformed rivals using today’s business best practices, which is the ultimate value proposition of this program! That said, the program delivers multiple benefits that can be viewed by clicking on the tab “Program Benefits”.

These results are achieved through the use of the General Theory of Innovation (GTI) as the program foundation. As a scientific theory of innovation with powerful prescriptive and predictive capabilities, GTI uses a well-defined process that allows for identification of the Customers’ unspoken, unaware, and future needs and wants, which in turn leads to pinpointing unique growth opportunities. GTI real-life innovation project success rate exceeds 98%! Join us, master GTI Strategic Innovation methodology, learn its proven robust science-based processes and tools, and you will gain competitive advantage over the uninformed competitors!

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Program Questions:
Greg Yezersky
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Professional and Continuing Education
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Program Description

To achieve its primary objective, the program consists of three capability-developing events

  1. Executive Workshop “WHAT CUSTOMERS WILL WANT: The ‘How-To’ of Knowing the Future of Customers’ Wants and Creating ‘Competition-Busting’ Products”
  2. Strategic Innovation Green Belt (SIGB) course/workshop
  3. Strategic Innovation Black Belt (SIBB) course/workshop
What Customers Will Want
  1. The workshop is designed for the decision-makers with responsibilities to drive financial growth. It will benefit executives and managers from such functional areas as General management, Strategy, Marketing, R&D/Innovation, NPD, Business/Competitive Intelligence, BD and M&A, etc.
  2. Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
    • Identify the future of the evolution of Value and Market/Customers’ Needs and Wants
    • Identify the strategic growth opportunities 
    • Master the tools for effective management of Strategic Innovation projects by developing understanding of the overall project process, its key success drivers, structure, constituting phases and their objectives, inputs, outputs, procedures, and best practices.

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Strategic Innovation Green Belt (SIGB) Course
  1. The course is designed for the professional personnel with the responsibilities to contribute to the process of strategic decision-making aimed at driving financial growth. It will benefit professionals from such functional areas as Strategy, Marketing, R&D/Innovation, NPD, Business/Competitive Intelligence, BD and M&A, etc.
  2. The Strategic Innovation Green Belt certificate signifies that the certificate holder has learned the world-best practices and passed the rigorous exam confirming successful acquisition of knowledge of the best practices.
  3. To become a Strategic Innovation Green Belt, a candidate has to meet the following requirements:
    • Completion of the SIGB Course
    • Passing of the Exam – 90% of the correct answers is required
    • Taking “The Oath of the Professional Innovator”

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Strategic Innovation Black Belt (SIBB) Course
  1. The Workshop is designed for the holders of the Strategic Innovation Green Belt certificate who would like to master the GTI Strategic Innovation methodology.
  2. The Strategic Innovation Black Belt certificate signifies that a holder of the Strategic Innovation Black Belt designation, in addition to completing an advanced techniques course, also has successfully applied the methodology to a real-life project and now possesses the practical skills required for carrying out Strategic Innovation assignments.
  3. To become a Strategic Innovation Black Belt, a candidate has to meet the following requirements:
    • Having a SIGB certificate
    • Completion of the SIBB Course (the course curriculum is TBD)
    • Demonstration of the candidate’s ability to apply the Strategic Innovation methodology successfully to a real-life Strategic Innovation project of the candidate’s choice. The project success has to be verified by the management of an organization that benefits as a result of the candidate’s activities in the form of a letter confirming practical value of the project results.
    • Time Requirements: the project has to be completed (including the report submission) within one year of completing the SIBB Course.
Program Benefits
Who will benefit

The program will benefit executives with revenue growth & P/L responsibilities as well as professionals contributing to strategic decision-making aimed at achieving growth and P/L targets working for these functional areas:
  • Strategy
  • Market Research / Marketing
  • New Product Development
  • Research & Development / Advanced Engineering
  • Business / competitive intelligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Finances / Investment
  • Business development
Attendance of this course will deliver the following benefits to:

Individual participants:
  • Acquire unique knowledge and skills sought by every company
  • Gain advantage over the uninformed peers
  • Increase contribution to the employer’s success
  • Increase professionalism and recognition by others
  • Increase employability
  • Improve career path
  • More…
Employer / Sponsoring company:
  • Cut by 50% the risk of failure to achieve growth objectives
  • Improve the success rate of new product launch (by at least 30%)
  • Improve the effectiveness of Market Research (by at least 30%)
  • Improve ROI in R&D (by at least 25%)
  • Gain strategic advantage over the uninformed competitors
  • Acquire unique best practices and improve the business processes
  • Improve the effectiveness of Business/Competitive Intelligence
  • More…
Voice of the Customers

“With GTI help, we have developed a breakthrough in the power tools segment, and, as a result, we expect significant financial gains.”
- Mike Brennan, Vice President, Product Development

“GTI introduces a very logical process for predicting the future of the market and customers’ requirements. It will change my framework for approaching, recognizing and solving issues. I would absolutely recommend it to others.”
- Joe Veltri, Director of Marketing, Body-On-Frame Vehicles

“High level insightful thinking. Very helpful. Develops and allows a fundamentally new way of analyzing customer input. Extremely well done!”
- Ron Zarowitz, Senior Manager, Product Planning

“General Theory of Innovation presents an absolutely new way to better understand ways to improve our product offering.”
- Mark Clemons, Senior Manager, Market Measurement Research

“General Theory of Innovation works! It provides a disciplined approach to gaining unparalleled understanding of the Customer.”
- Gary Jack, Vice President, Capture and Proposal Operations

“GTI addresses several areas that are never considered in the industry, in my experience. Well done! One of the best courses I’ve ever had. This will permanently change the way I work.”
- James Sutton, Systems Engineer Principal

“Already, I have been able to apply the GTI approach to forecasting to predict future trends in the Graphics printing business resulting in the generation of several truly novel product concepts. I look forward to further applications and results from applying your methodology.”
- William Y. Fowlkes, Advanced Technology Development Leader

“We highly recommend services of Mr. Greg Yezersky to any organization striving to improve its product line, market share, and ability to compete through application of the General Theory of Innovation, which he has created.”
- Ken Yee, Director of Engineering, Feeding & Healthcare

“General Theory of Innovation (GTI) provides interesting, deep and insightful perspective to more robust systems / product development and system oriented problem analysis and solution.”
- Greg Exner, Director of Product Development

Calendar of Events

The events schedule 2017:

Strategic Innovation Green Belt Course 2017
Course Dates:CRN:Registration Start Dates:Registration End Dates:
2/13 - 2/179020612/20/162/6/17
3/13 - 3/17TBD2/7/173/13/17
4/17 - 4/21TBD3/14/174/17/17
6/5 - 6/9TBD5/1/175/26/17
7/17 - 7/21 TBD5/27/177/10/17
9/11 - 9/15 900178/1/179/1/17
10/9 - 10/13 900189/5/1710/3/17
11/13 - 11/17TBD10/4/1711/6/17
12/11 - 12/15 9001911/1/1712/4/17

The seating is limited to 30 attendees. To reserve your spot (for any of the above-shown dates), click here.

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What Customers Will Want (Executive Workshop)
  • 01/17 – 01/18, 2017
  • 03/01 - 03/02, 2017
  • 05/16 – 05/17, 2017
  • 08/15 – 08/16, 2017
  • 10/31 – 11/01, 2017

The seating is limited to 40 attendees. To reserve your spot (for any of the above-shown dates), CLICK HERE

To download the course brochure, CLICK HERE

Strategic Innovation Black Belt Course
  • 09/25 – 09/29, 2017

The seating is limited to 30 attendees. To reserve your spot (for any of the above-shown dates), CLICK HERE

Program Faculty
Greg Yezersky

The Workshop will be led by Greg Yezersky. He is the creator of the General Theory of Innovation (GTI) and GTI-based multiple business applications, including the Strategic Innovation methodology.

He has been in the business of innovation since 1983 and provided consulting services for many Fortune 500 companies (e.g. GM, Ford, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Brunswick, etc.) with innovation projects success rate exceeding 98 percent. Greg has taught GTI and its applications globally (Italy, Turkey, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, so on) in both commercial and academic settings. Mr. Yezersky is CEO of Invinsys LLC, a premier innovation consulting firm with HQ in Katowice (Poland), and president of the Institute of Professional Innovators (IPI).