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Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel Insurance Program

Oakland University's Foreign Travel Insurance Program Brochure

Oakland University provides travel insurance coverage for all faculty, staff and students who journey overseas for work or study. Coverage will be provided for the work or study related dates only, personal travel pre/post trip is not included.

Registration with the Office of Risk Management is required 14 Days Prior to Departure

How to Register and Access the Online Portal

Go to and enter the following information:

  2. PASSWORD: mercer
  3. Oakland  University email address
  4. First and Last name of traveler

Mercer Campus Travel’s Assistance Portal

Mercer Campus Travel Assistance Services Portal provides 24/7 access for emergency assistance when you are traveling abroad.

The site contains real-time destination-based health, security and travel related information including:

  • Country and city risk ratings and profiles
  • Health, medical, safety and security reports per locale
  • Consulate contacts
  • Information on business conduct, transportation, holidays, currency exchange rates, etc.
  • News and real time security alerts
  • General travel tips
  • Travel tips including cultural, environmental and financial information

A variety of tools have also been integrated within the portal to minimize inconvenience during trips and support travelers in an emergency. These include:

  • Medical provider search to look up hospitals and doctors in a given locale
  • International calling code search and access to the code to dial from one country to another
  • Emergency number look up for finding the foreign equivalent of 911
  • Health requirements for your destination and transit points

Driving or Renting Vehicles Overseas
Local insurance must be purchased at the time of rental. Most countries have a fine or jail penalty if you do not      purchase local insurance.

Electronic Equipment & Software
All travelers taking such equipment or materials (e.g. GPS units, encrypted software, laptops, cell phones, etc.) overseas should confirm compliance with U.S. Export Control Regulations.

Cybersecurity Tips for International Travelers

Traveling with Mobile Devices: Trends & Best Practices 

High Risk Activities

Participating in higher risk activities, such as rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, professional sports, off -road or auto racing or travel to higher risk areas, may not be covered by insurance.

Claim Filing Instructions