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Funding Opportunities for Faculty

Internal Grants

Graduate Research Assistantship Tuition (GReAT) Award

The Graduate Research Assistantship Tuition (GReAT) is a competitive program that provides supplemental tuition support to Oakland University (OU) graduate students working with OU faculty.  GReAT was developed to assist faculty with providing tuition to their graduate research assistants under various circumstances, including: cost sharing that is mandated by sponsors; proposals to sponsors that do not allow tuition costs; budgets for which the sponsors impose a cap on the dollar amount requested; and for research that does not have external funding support, but has the promise of future funding.  In each of these situations, the principal investigator must provide the stipends for the graduate students who receive GReAT funding.

Other sources of tuition funding at OU include the Graduate Study Assistantship Program, new program budgets, department and non-academic unit funds, and King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) Future Faculty Fellowships.

The criteria to qualify for the GReAT tuition award include the following:

  1. The GReAT award is to provide tuition support for a full-time (? 8 credits hours/semester per OU policy) graduate research assistant (GRA).
  2. The GReAT award allows up to 16 credit hours per student per academic year.
  3. The GRA must maintain at least an overall 3.0 GPA and satisfactory academic progress.
  4. The faculty adviser/mentor or unit head must provide evidence that the GRA is, or will be, receiving stipend support to conduct research during the period of GReAT support.
  5. The GReAT application has to be submitted by the faculty adviser/mentor or unit head. 
  6. Teaching Assistants (TAs) and recipients of any other scholarships are not qualified for GReAT..
  7. If cost sharing is required by the funding agency, the principal investigator must request tuition matching on The Research Office Electronic Proposal Routing Application (EPRA).
  8. To continue receiving a GReAT award, the PI must submit the application every academic year in order to secure the existing student.

What is a graduate research assistant (GRA)?

A GRA is an OU full-time graduate student that meets OU’s graduate assistantship program requirements. See the Oakland University Graduate School, Graduate Assistant Hiring website for details. 

How to apply?

The faculty adviser/mentor or unit head must submit a completed GReAT Tuition Form and email it to

Can GRA students receive the GReAT tuition award without a stipend?

The stipend must be part of the GA agreement, see OU GA Policy Guidelines;, and the stipend funding source must be identified (criterion #4 above).

When are the application deadlines?


Submission Deadline

Graduate Study Review & Approval

ORA            Recommendation


2nd Monday of March (or May*)

4thMonday of March (or May*)

1st Monday of April (or June*)


2nd Monday of September

4th Monday of September

1st Monday of October

*Applications submitted in response to the later deadline, usually for newly admitted students, are subject to availability of funds that have not already been awarded during the regular submission periods.

What’s next after the tuition award announcement?
The PI’s department prepares a letter of offer and the GA agreement. After all required signatures are obtained, forward them to ORA.

How will the tuition payment be handled?
After ORA receives and approves the letter of offer and GA agreement, they will be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Study to process the tuition payment.

Does GReAT support the summer term?
Consistent with GA Policy Guidelines, GReAT does not support the summer term.

Can an unused GReAT award be carried over to the next year?
No, an award cannot be carried over to the next budget year per university policy (concerning general fund expenditures); therefore, the GReAT application must be resubmitted (criterion #8 above).

What if the PI has to change student after receiving the award announcement?
The PI has to submit the GReAT application form for the new student and notify ORA this is replacing awarded student.  A justification is required.

Does GReAT support no-cost extension grants?

It is required to submit the GReAT application, since GReAT does not automatically support no-cost extensions on grants .

What if the GRA has not been identified and the application deadline passes?

On the GReAT application form, specify “new student TBD” in “Student Name” field.

Can I use GReAT award to cover existing funded external grant's and contract's GA(s)?
It has to be reviewed and approved by ORA grant officers. 

Additional questions?
Contact Shamon Murdock at or (248) 370-2557.

OU-Beaumount Multidisciplinary Research Award

Funding Source:

Oakland University & Beaumont Health System      


The Oakland University (OU) and Beaumont Health System (Beaumont) initiate the jointly sponsored research award to encourage and foster multi-disciplinary, inter-institutional research collaboration



Award Amount:

 Award Period:





Proposal submission/evaluation criteria:

  • Must be jointly submitted by full-time OU and Beaumont faculty/staff
    • No RAM (Research Management Application) needed
    • Must be MS Word or PDF format
    • Two-page biosketches of investigators and statement of other support, both internal and external funds (These are not included in 5-page limit.)
  • Maximum five pages, single spaced, and Arial 11 font (NIH or NSF format)
    • Must include a description of how this award is expected to lead to an application for external funding by the co-PI's
  • Inclusion of student participants is encouraged
  • Allowable expenses include:
    • Student stipends as per institutional standards
    • Equipment needed to carry out the project, but proposals dominated by large equipment purchases are discouraged
    • Supplies and Materials
    • Faculty/staff stipends and travel funds are not allowed
  • All submitted proposals will be reviewed by an OU-Beaumont Research Award Committee
  • Preference will be given to projects with demonstrable potential and plans for seeking external funding to continue the research beyond the initial OU-Beaumont project award
  • A final report of the project must be submitted within 90 days of the proposed completion date of the project
  • Recipients of past year OU-Beaumont Multidisciplinary Research Awards should include a progress report indicating how previous funding has led to publications, grant proposals, and external funding


For additional information and submission via email:


Robert Folberg, MD    


David Stone, PhD

Interim Medical Director


Associate Vice President for Research

Beaumont Health System


Oakland University

Research Institute


The Research Office

3601 W. Thirteen Mile Rd., Ste. 501


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Royal Oak, MI 48073-6769


Rochester, MI 48309-4401

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(248) 370-2762

President's Colloquium
Funding Amount: $1,000 Honorarium 
Next Deadline: Last Day of March 
Application: Faculty members with an interest in presenting are asked to submit a two-page proposal that provides a description of the presentation. The proposal should be submitted to the University Research Committee using infoReady REVIEW.


The president of Oakland University supports a colloquium to showcase faculty research at the university. Faculty members from any rank and discipline are eligible to apply. Refer to URC Guidelines Award Timetable for application submission due dates.

  • The President’s Colloquium is advertised widely. Therefore, presentations must appeal to a diverse audience, composed of students, faculty and staff from Oakland University, as well as guests.  
  • Faculty members with an interest in presenting are asked to submit an application. The abstract portion of the application should provide a description of their presentation, how the presentation links to their research, and why it would be interesting to a general audience.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the URC and will be evaluated on the proposer’s ability to convey the attributes of excellence, importance, and excitement about the work that is to be presented. The URC will present its recommendation to OU’s president for final approval. An honorarium of $1,000 will be paid to the presenter(s). The selected colloquium presenter will be required to keep in touch with a representative from the Office of the President during the three months prior to his/her presentation to confirm all the related arrangements. Inquiries about this competition can be directed to Susan Willner (, The Research Office.
URC Books, Reprints and Page Charge Reimbursements
Source of Funding: University Research Committee 
Funding Amount: $350 Maximum Allowance 
Submission Deadline: None 

Books, Reprints, and Page Charge Reimbursements:

Requests for reimbursements are made directly to the Chair of the URC. After written approval is received by the Chair, consult with your department administrative staff for reimbursement. Payment vouchers should be forwarded directly to Sue Willner (370-4111) in The Research Office, who will then send it on to Accounts Payable. Refer to URC Guidelines Award Timetable for application submission due dates.

The URC will support, upon request, the purchase of eight copies of the first scholarly book published by any faculty member or the first book published by any Oakland faculty scholar while employed by Oakland University. One copy is to be given to Kresge Library. If the total cost exceeds $350, the number of copies requested must be reduced or the amount that exceeds $350 must be secured from another source. In cases where the faculty member is a co-author, responsible for more than one chapter, the fund will purchase four copies of the book, of which one is to be given to Kresge Library. Support for books that are co-authored may not exceed $200.

Matching funds are required for the purchase of journal article reprints prepared by Oakland University faculty members. The URC will provide up to $150 in matching funds, upon request, for assistance in the purchase of no more than 100 copies.

Page Charges:
The URC will provide, upon request, up to $200 for page charges required by scholarly journals. Even if the work is authored by more than one individual, the maximum amount per article is $200.

URC Faculty Research Grant
Source of Funding:University Research Committee
Funding Amount:$2,000
Next Deadline:Fourth Monday of January

Applications for this program must be submitted through infoReady REVIEW

Faculty research awards have been established to provide support for a variety of research endeavors. Examples would include pilot projects, equipment, purchase of data, and travel for archival or field research.

  • Faculty members cannot receive funding for a Faculty Research Grant and Faculty Fellowship in the same academic year.
  • Grant recipients are notified by e-mail that an account has been established for expenses related to their projects or programs. After one year, the account will be closed and the remaining funds will revert back to the URC. A final report of the project must be submitted within 90 days of the completion date of the project.

Helpful Resources

  • Checklist for the Faculty Research Fellowship and Faculty Research Grant
URC Faculty Research Fellowship
Source of Funding:
University Research Committee
Funding Amount:
Up to $10,000
Next Deadline:
Third Monday of October
Applications for this program must be submitted through   infoReady REVIEW

Faculty Research Fellowships have been established to promote and foster the research endeavors of Oakland University bargaining unit faculty members. Untenured faculty members may receive Fellowships no more than once every two years, and tenured faculty may receive Faculty Research Fellowships no more than once every three years.

On-Line Application

Please refer to the section entitled "University Research Committee Guidelines" for instructions on proposal preparation. Applicants preparing a collaborative proposal should clearly identify a single, lead investigator, who will be designated the awardee if the proposal is funded. The URC is not favorably disposed toward a proposal that is a continuation of an earlier, incomplete project.

Helpful resources:

  • Checklist for the Faculty Research Fellowship and Faculty Research Grant

The award may be used in any combination of stipend and research expenses, such as supplies, minor items of equipment, project assistant wages, technical services, and travel expenses. Equipment and travel requests, in particular, must be carefully justified. University regulations on travel reimbursement are to be followed; equipment purchased with expense funds is subject to university property guidelines. There are income tax implications implicit in this allocation.

  • Recipients are obligated to undertake a 15-week period of full-time research. This traditionally takes place during the summer term. Please note that awardees may not also teach during the term that they are conducting their URC-funded research. Requests to conduct the full-time research during the academic year may be considered, but applicants are encouraged to consult with the URC Chair in advance.
  • The recipients of faculty fellowships will not have conflicting commitments with other research grants during the time that they are conducting their URC-funded research. Recipients are reminded that there are limits to overload compensation, and the addition of a URC Research Fellowship stipend must not exceed these limits.
  • Awards will be announced within eight weeks after the closing date for this competition. Each award recipient will be required to file a final report within 90 days of the conclusion of the fellowship period, indicating specific publications, presentations, and other accomplishments that were achieved as a result of the fellowship. The report should be submitted to The Research Office.
  • The focus in evaluation of fellowship applications is on the specifics of the methodology, the feasibility and probable success of the research, and the potential to foster future scholarship by the faculty applicant. In cases of substantially equal merit, the URC reserves the right to give preference to those who have not previously held fellowships. Among those who have received previous fellowships, priority may be given to those who have applied for external funding after they have received the fellowship. Applicants will not receive written feedback on their proposals. Those applicants who are denied funding can get feedback from the chairperson of the URC within one month of notification of the decision.

Award recipients are notified by e-mail that an account has been established for expenses related to their projects or programs. After one year, the account will be closed and the remaining funds will revert back to the URC. A final report of the project must be submitted within 90 days of the completion date of the project.

URC Research Excellence Award
Source of Funding: University Research Committee 
Funding Amount: $2,500 
Next Deadline: Fourth Monday of November
Nomination Form:infoReady REVIEW

All faculty members of Oakland University are eligible to enter the Oakland University Research Excellence Competition.

The University Research Committee selects an award recipient in one of the following categories that rotate on a three-year cycle; social sciences/humanities; natural and mathematical sciences, and professional schools. Please refer to the list of categories at the end of this description.

Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. A letter of nomination should address the following:

  • Basis for the nomination (a candidate may be considered on the basis of a book or collection of related publications and presentations for a career of research accomplishments, or for significant scholarly contributions in a field).
  • Quality and significance of the candidate’s work
  • Level of peer acceptance
  • National/international reputation
  • Information that clarifies the value of the candidate’s contributions to the field

The following supporting documentation must accompany the letter of nomination:

  • Curriculum vita structured in a format acceptable for tenure/promotion review of research accomplishments. For example, a listing of books written and edited; peer refereed accepted accomplishments; non-refereed accepted accomplishments; and research presentations to learned audiences. All publications must include page numbers to communicate length. Also, an explanation is required about the significance of where a name appears among a string of authors on a publication. For example, biologists typically get the most recognition for being the first author during the early stages of their careers and the last author during later stages of their careers.
  • One representative example of the researcher’s work.
  • A summary of a citation search, indicating the number of times a nominee's work is cited in the literature. In fields that do not compile this information, reviews of work by outside reviewers or other supporting documentation can be substituted for the citation search summary.

Priority is given to those researchers who have not received the Research Excellence Award in prior years. The deadline for receipt of nomination materials falls during winter semester. The research website and institutional announcements promote the deadline on an annual basis; refer to the Application Preparation for additional information. A $2,500 award is presented to the award recipient at the Founder's Day Luncheon.

Award Categories (Award Cycles)

Professional Schools: 2018-19 (due Nov'18)
School of Business Administration, School of Education & Human Services, School of Engineering & Computer Science, School of Health Sciences, and School of Nursing

Social Sciences/Humanities: 2019-20 (due Nov'19)
Art & Art History, English, History, Library & Information Sciences, Linguistics, Modern Languages & Literatures, Music, Theatre & Dance, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Writing & Rhetoric, Communication & Journalism, and Sociology & Anthropology

Natural & Mathematical Sciences: 2020-21 (due Nov'20)
Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, and Physics

URC Meadow Brook Hall Research Conference Grant Award
Source of Funding:University Research Committee
Funding Amount:$3,000
Next Deadline:Fourth Monday of November

Applications for this program must be submitted through infoReady REVIEW.

Each academic year, a total of $3,000 in funding is available from the URC to support a faculty research conference.  

  • The conference should promote visibility of OU at the regional, state, national or international level. Proposals are expected to clearly articulate how the conference would impact research at OU. This type of interchange at the leading edge of significant scholarly effort should be both stimulating and productive. The conference may take place any time within a 30-month period after the award is formally announced by the URC.
  • Interested departmental and cross-departmental groups are invited to submit proposals through infoReady REVIEW.  Refer to page one of the guidelines for application submission due dates.  An estimate of the size and composition of the conference group should be included as well as a budget. The names of OU participants and the nature of their participation should be delineated as well as the names and nature of the involvement of participants to be drawn from the larger scholarly community. (This may be presented in the form of a program brochure draft.) 
  • The budget should detail expenses for supplies, meals, lodging, honoraria, publicity, travel and secretarial-student support. In addition, details of proposed or approved matching support from other sources and expected revenue, providing a full budget of expenses and revenues for the conference, should be included.
URC New Investigator Research Excellence Award
Funding Amount: $1,500 
Next Deadline: Fourth Monday of November
Nomination Form: infoReady REVIEW

This award program is intended to recognize junior faculty members for their significant achievements at Oakland University.  All non-tenured assistant professors of Oakland University who have yet to begin the tenure review process are eligible to compete for this award.  The competition is open to scholars from all disciplines each year. Refer to page one of the guidelines for application submission due dates. Candidates must be nominated by someone other than themselves.  A letter of nomination should address the following:

  • Candidates' publications, including books or a collection of related publications and presentations for a career of research accomplishments
  • Significant scholarly contributions in a field at OU
  • Quality of the candidate’s work
  • Level of peer acceptance
  • National or international reputation
  • Information that clarifies the value of the candidate’s contributions to the field
The following supporting documentation must accompany the letter of nomination:
  • Curriculum vitae detailing research accomplishments
  • An explanation of the nominee’s contribution to work jointly produced with others
  • One representative example of the researcher’s work