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Confidentiality Request
Use if you do not want directory information released. Upon receipt of the completed form and photo ID, directory information will be withheld until the student requests in writing that confidentiality be released.

Grizzly ID Request
Please complete this form to request your Grizzly ID. All items are required or this form cannot be processed.

Request for Enrollment Exception Form 
Submit this form to request an exception to published university policy regarding registration deadlines or procedures and/or tuition cancellation.

Dismissal Appeal Form
Complete this appeal form if you believe there are valid reasons to review your academic dismissal. 

Graduation Forms

Undergraduate Application for Degree
Graduate Application for Degree

Diploma Reorder Form 
Order a replacement diploma. Your degree is verified by the Academic Records. Those who have financial holds on their account cannot receive their diplomas until the “hold” is resolved

Guest Application
Attend another school as a guest student. You are responsible for delivering the application to the other school. Upon completion of the course(s), the student must request that a official transcript be mailed to Oakland University. 

Request for Letter Form
Use this form to request Candidacy for Degree Letter or Jury Duty Letter or Enrollment Verification Letter.

Registration Forms

Audit Form
Request "audit" registration status for a class. Students will not receive a grade for the class. Tuition is assessed as appropriate for each course.

Competency Examination Form 
Use this form if you wish to take an examination to prove proficiency of subject matter. The issuing department will determine competency level.

Permission to Exceed Maximum Credit Hour Form

Time Conflict Override Form
Use to obtain the signature of both instructors and the dean of the school/college to be added into courses that overlap in time. 

Residency Reclassification
Students who have been admitted as out-of-state students, for the purpose of in-state tuition, may submit this form to have their residency status reconsidered/reclassified.

Room Request
Request a general purpose room for non-class events/meetings. Generally, requests cannot be submitted during final examination periods.  You can read further policies and guidelines here.

Transcript Requests
Request official or unofficial transcripts.

General Education Transfer Course Review Form
Request the review of coursework you have previously completed or wish to complete at another institution for use at Oakland University. A syllabus is required. Here are directions on how to complete the form.

Veteran Certification