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483 Parking During A Snow Emergency


RATIONALE:    Oakland University (University) has a residential population of students and facilities that are open to accommodate after house study.  As a result, cars are parked in campus parking lots twenty-four hours a day.  In order to properly maintain roads and parking lots during hazardous winter weather conditions, the cooperation of all those who drive and park on campus is required.  This policy communicates how the University will clear parking lots of vehicles to allow for snow plowing, and what steps are required by campus community members in order to comply with this policy. 

POLICY:     A Snow Emergency may be declared by the University when winter weather conditions require that parking lots and/or roads be plowed.  During Snow Emergencies, vehicles in parking lots (except Designated Snow Emergency Parking Lots), and metered parking spaces on the main campus must be removed for the period of the Snow Emergency so that parking lots and/or roads can be cleared. 

A Snow Emergency is separate from a University closing due to hazardous weather conditions (see OU AP&P 482 University Closing).  Declaring a Snow Emergency, typically in effect from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, does not affect the status of classes or other University operations. 

SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY:     This policy applies to all University students, faculty, staff, and guests, as well as vendors doing work or making deliveries to the main campus. 


Snow Emergency:  A Snow Emergency may be declared when 3 or more inches of snow is expected, as reported by the National Weather Service and/or other law enforcement weather resources.  Typically, a snow emergency will be in effect from 10:00 PM the day it is declared until 6:00 AM the following day, unless extended, cancelled or otherwise announced.  During a Snow Emergency, all vehicles must be cleared from all parking lots except Designated Snow Emergency Parking Areas. 

Designated Snow Emergency Parking Areas:  During a Snow Emergency, parking is allowed in the P-29 and P-32 parking structures (covered levels only), the Ann V. Nicholson and Matthews Court Apartments lots, and the P-35 Parking Lot. 

PROCEDURES:    Snow Emergency status will be determined by a core team of University officials that includes the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, and Chief of Police (or their designees).  The team will review campus conditions and weather reports to determine what action is required, and make every effort to announce a Snow Emergency well in advance of the deadline to remove vehicles from the lots. 

IF AN OU SNOW EMERGENCY IS DECLARED:  Communications & Marketing will broadcast the Snow Emergency utilizing various media forms, including the University's phone, text, and email emergency broadcast systems, the University's web site, and various social media. 

All parking lots and/or metered parking spaces except those identified as Designated Snow Emergency Parking Areas should be vacated by the start time of the Snow Emergency. 

When a Snow Emergency is declared, students and staff are responsible for moving their vehicles to one of the designated areas so that parking lots and/or roads can be plowed.  When community members plan travel which involves overnight parking during the winter months, they should park their vehicles in a Designated Snow Emergency Parking Area before commencing travel. 

Vehicles located in non-designated parking areas during a snow emergency will be impounded at the owner's expense. 


OU AP&P 482 University Closing