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Methods Workshop
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Quantitative Methods Workshop

The Quantitative Methods Workshop is a non-credit course intended to provide the current or prospective graduate student with a review and/or introduction to many of the mathematical techniques and applications likely to be encountered in the working world, and is useful to professionals who need to brush up on these skills. Successful completion of this workshop satisfies the MBA quantitative methods prerequisite. There are a variety of pre-assessments built in to the course, which ensures that students aren't wasting time reviewing concepts that have already been mastered.

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Registration for the course is OPEN! Click the registration button and type the course code "CEOD 40000" into the search bar. Call us at 248-370-3177 with questions about registration.

Course of Study
Overview of algebraic topics including exponents, solving equations, functions, graphics of linear and quadratic equations, solving systems of equations, logarithms, and other topics as they may arise, including:

• decision making
• financial mathematics, including present and future value
• annuities with applications
• basics of linear programming, including graphical approach and the Simplex method
• emphasis on business applications
• derivatives and applications of the derivative, including optimization, curve sketching and business examples
• the integral and application of the integral
• multi-variable calculus, including optimization, with applications and a brief overview of selected topics in statistics

This course is designed to facilitate all students regardless of background and length of time since the last period of math instruction. The course offers a variety of assessment formats to demonstrate that you have achieved mastery of the content in order to progress. The tiered breakdown of time required allows each student to use their background and level of understanding to determine the appropriate starting point, and to allocate the correct amount of time to successfully complete the course.

Program Format
The course is online and on-demand, meaning you can start whenever you want and move through at your own pace! The course also adapts to your level, meaning that you will not be forced to complete work on concepts you have already mastered. As such, some students may progress through the course faster than others. Students should plan on completing the course within 6 months of initial registration.
This course organizes a series of resources catered to appeal to all types of learners and to make resources easily accessible for all learning styles. Resources are provided in a very granular way that allows a student to access an extensive video library, lecture slides, interactive tutorials, and adaptive learning assignments for each individual topic. Additionally, the resource structure is carried through each course set of content to allow quick progression once you become familiar with navigation.
An OU faculty member will be facilitating the course, and is available to answer questions and help students with problem areas. 
Cost: $750, which includes access to a comprehensive online textbook that students retain access to for two years. 
It is expected that attendees have mastered (at a minimum) elementary-intermediate Algebra concepts. These will be covered to some extent in the course, but will not be the focus. Students who need more help with the lower level Math concepts will be referred to additional resources by the instructor. 
Click the registration button and type the course code "CEOD 40000" into the search bar. Call us at 248-370-3177 with questions about registration.