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Sherry Wynn Perdue

(248) 370-3105

Before finding a home in the Oakland University Writing Center, Sherry Wynn Perdue completed an American Studies program at Michigan State University and attended the School of Criticism and Theory, then located at Dartmouth College. She has actively participated in curriculum development and peer mentoring in addition to teaching composition within the Writing and Rhetoric Department since 1996. In 2009, Sherry affirmed her commitment to the lively art (and science) of writing at OU by taking the helm of the writing center, where she spends most of her consulting hours collaborating with faculty on their scholarly publications and with graduate students on their theses and dissertations. When she is not teaching or working one-on-one with clients, she is collecting data, developing training curriculum, mentoring one of the center’s writing consultants, or presenting at conferences. Sherry’s concurrent role as a Test Preparation Instructor for the ACT and SAT allows her to guide high school students through the significant transition to college; this position confirms her belief that students need rigorous high school preparation. To that end, it seems only natural that Sherry also devotes her energies to collaborating with high school English teachers as they craft Advanced Placement English Language and Composition courses for their districts. Although Sherry enjoys offering one-day AP workshops at other Midwestern campuses during the academic year, she relishes the week-long summer institutes in which she shares her passion for teaching with secondary educators. Sherry’s publications on evidence-based research in writing centers, the unique needs of dissertation writers, and information literacy have appeared in The Writing Center Journal, Education Libraries, and the Journal of Academic Librarianship. In addition to her own writing, she serves as managing editor of the Oakland Journal (and has edited such publications as Re-Visions: Journal of the Women's Studies Program at Michigan State University and The Oil Pipeline Monitor), reviews books for academic publishers, and heads WriteSpace Consulting, an editing and custom writing business. In her fleeting spare time, she vacations with her husband Don and daughter Alexondra in Suttons Bay and enjoys walks with her Standard Poodle Max. 

Operations Coordinator 

Ashley Cerku

(248) 370-3474

Education: BA in English and Writing/Rhetoric, MA in Liberal Studies
Specialties: Creative writing, Poetry, Research papers, Organization, Draft expansion

Ashley Cerku is currently the Operations Coordinator at the Oakland University Writing Center. She is a recent graduate of OU with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing/Rhetoric and is currently a Grad student in the Liberal Studies program. She has her sights set on working in the publishing field in the future with the hopes of one day becoming an Editor and Novelist. She also likes to work with students and consultants to help create a more interactive writing environment at Oakland University.  

Webmaster, Service Coordinator

Ron DelVillano

Education: BA in English

Ron DelVillano is a graduate from Oakland University's English BA program. When not working at the Writing Center, Ron spends most of his time writing and drawing his webcomic Duane, Average High School Werewolf and writing about video games for He has a strong passion for most geeky things in life.

Writing Consultants


 photo Monschau_zpsmeflxabz.png

Education: BA in Secondary Education with English endorsement
Specialties: Grammar, Organization, Word Choice

Amber is currently studying to become a high school English teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, watching TV, and playing trivia games/solving puzzles. She likes snow and considers the winter her favorite time of year.


Education: BA in English Secondary Education, Minor in History
Specialties: Grammar, Literary Analysis, Organization

Charlie aspires to teach English at the high school level and currently spends his summers as a camp counselor. His free time is consumed by reading, watching Netflix, and, depending on his mood, listening to country music or classics from the '80s. His weekends are devoted to watching football and supporting his struggling fantasy teams.


Education: BA in International Relations
Specialties: Organization, Brainstorming, Focus, Analytical Writing

Connor is studying International Relations as a prelude to a masters in IR and law school. He is a political junkie, and is obsessed with politics, media, and current affairs. Secondary passions include Zayn Malik and Chai lattés.

Emily S.

Education: BA in Writing and Rhetoric, Double Minor in Creative Writing and Cinema Studies
Specialties: First year writing, Organization, Brainstorming, Creative Writing, Video editing

Emily is a junior at Oakland University and has an obsession with dark films/TV shows, fantasy novels, and writing just about anything. Her humor knows no bounds. Her love of Teen Titans is never-ending. Once she is done at OU, Emily hopes to leave Michigan behind and work for a social media company.


   photo Sumner_zpsn1ywtzu4.png

Education: MSN in Forensic Nursing
Specialties: Brainstorming, Creative Writing, Grammar

Laura is a graduate nursing student in OU’s new Forensic Nursing program, with special interest in domestic violence. She was an NICU nurse for a number of years, and homeschooled her children for a number of years. Laura loves learning, meaningful conversations, and photography.


Education: BA in English Literature with a concentration in Linguistics
Specialties: Grammar, Tone, Literary Analysis, Argument

Michael is pursuing a BA in English with the hope of attending graduate school to study literary theory and become a professor. In the interim, he spends his time tutoring students in Creative Writing and Language Arts at Oakland Christian School, memorizing Romeo and Juliet, organizing books, marveling at the magic of modern science, and maintaining his communication ratio of 70% speech 30% song. Areas of study include Classical Rhetoric, critical theory, Latin, and musicals.


 photo Premchand_zpsnvcgmrr6.jpg

Education: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, MFA in Creative Writing
Specialties: Creative Nonfiction, Screenwriting, Capstone, Thesis

Michelle entered the OU doctoral program in Reading Education this fall. She studied at the University of Texas, Michigan Technological University, the University of Minnesota, and Humboldt State University including a retreat at the City of 10,000 Buddhas monastic community. In between sipping from various fountains of knowledge, she imagined invoking an environmental social justice revolution and then returned to washing dishes.


Education: BA in English Education, Minor in ESL
Specialties: Grammar, Outlining, Sentence Structure

Nicole is pursuing a BA in English Education and minoring in ESL. Her career goal is to become a high school English teacher or an editor. Her interests include reading, drawing, and wasting time on the internet.


Education: Bachelor of Integrative Studies, focusing in Philosophy and Writing
Specialties: First-year writing, Brainstorming, Organization, Strengthening arguments, Word choice

A junior at Oakland University, Chris is excited to bring his experience and passion for writing into each session. He plans to go to law school one day; he often contemplates why he wants to make such nutty decisions with time and money. Outside of school, you would find Chris outside with his two Golden Retrievers, or inside glued to video games. Chris also enjoys working on his varying levels of talent in graphic design, logo creation, and playing clarinet and saxophone.


Education: BA in English, MA in Counseling
Specialties: Research writing, Graduate level writing

Carol received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Saginaw Valley State University and her Master of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University. She is currently working on her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Counselor Education. In addition to working in the Writing Center, Carol is a graduate assistant, teaches classes in the Counseling Department, and counsels clients at a private practice. Carol hopes to obtain a faculty position when she completes her degree.


 photo Farstvedt2_zps62wxrhv6.jpeg

Education: BA in English
Specialties: First year writing, Outlining, Creative writing

Kiersten's favorite activity is reading, and her favorite books include  Harry PotterThe Maze Runner, and  To Kill A Mockingbird, but she enjoys all sorts of fantasy and historical fiction. She also loves to write, watch  Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones, hang out with her best friends, and attend events at her church. This past summer, Kiersten went on a two-week mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico, and three years ago she went on a mission trip to Guatemala City. These two events helped shaped Kiersten into the person that she is today. Kiersten also enjoys spending time with her mom, dad, younger sister, three younger brothers, and her adorable dog Skittles.

Emily H.

 photo Hagan_zps4s8cvzcf.jpg

Education: BA in English, Minor in Psychology
Specialties: ESL, Grammar, APA, and Organization

Emily is a fourth-year staff member who recently earned her BA in English with a minor in Psychology. She is currently taking a gap year before attending law school at the University of Iowa College of Law. Emily specializes in addressing ESL issues, grammar questions, APA citation, and organization feedback. Her interests include animals, shopping, reading legal texts for pleasure, and traveling.


Education: BA in Creative Writing, Minor in Journalism
Specialties: Screenwriting, Creative writing, Brainstorming

Adam is a Jr. Creative Writing major (screenwriting and fiction track), Journalism minor. He’s mostly comprised of coffee, tea, and a good sense of humor. In his free time he enjoys writing, reading, distance running, golfing, and traveling. Adam's favorite quote about writing and project creativity is:
“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney


 photo Noland2_zpsv3ztzgsx.png

Education: BA in English, Minor in Spanish and Creative Writing
Specialties: Literary analysis, Creative writing, Punctuation

Natalie has been working at the Writing Center since she was a freshman in 2014. With her degree, she plans to work reading queries for a publishing house -- while writing and owning too many cats. She is a member of the Honors College, and is the President of the Feminists of OU. When she isn't working, studying, or crushing the patriarchy, you can catch her reading anything she can get her hands on or listening to Taylor Swift. Maybe even both.


 photo Svisco_zps31gfxvoi.jpg

Education: BA in Criminal Justice
Specialties: First-year writing, Organization, Grammar, Sentence structure

Jamie is the kind of person who always needs to be busy doing something. She played soccer, swam, and ran track throughout high school. Jamie loves to read or watch Netflix, which she often fits in during her time at the gym. She lives on-campus, but when she goes home, Jamie looks forward to sleeping in her own bed, her mom's home-cooked food, and seeing her two standard poodles. Jamie's life goal (set for after she travels the world) is to become a lawyer and FBI agent.


Education: BA in International Relations and Public Administration and Public Policy
Specialties: Grammar, Outlining, Organization

Caroline is a junior at Oakland University. Besides working at the OUWC, she tutors math at Mathnasium. She loves music, her hedgehog, feminism, and all things purple and sparkly. After graduation, Caroline would like to work in human rights policy creation and implementation.

Reception Crew


Education: BA in Sociology

Emma graduated in 2015 from Holly High School. When she's not sweating over textbooks, she devotes her time to Oakland's water polo club and is also a DJ at WXOU. During the summer months, she delivers pizzas for Hungry Howie's, and in her spare time she enjoys playing soccer, eating snacks, and watching cartoons. She dreams of the destruction of the patriarchy and a world in which all people are treated equally regardless of who they are, how they look, and who they want to be.


Education: BA in Physics

Joe is a freshman here at OU and is currently pursuing his bachelors in physics and hopes to pursue a graduate education in physics so that he can become a research professor.


Education: BA in Journalism, Minor in English and French

Katie graduated from Kearsley High School in 2016 and is now a member of the Honors College. She is studying journalism, English, and French. She enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, and talking to friends. Katie hopes to one day write a poetry book that impacts the world.


 photo Brooks_zps8ynvjvvr.jpg

Education: BA in English

Sasha is interested in writing stories and reading science fiction books. She dreams of someday becoming a famous writer and editor. Other things Sasha enjoys include helping people, listening to music, and shopping for mostly anything. She most of all loves to roller/ice skate, browse the internet, and relax on brisk autumn day.