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Joan Rosen Writing Studio
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Fall 2020 Hours
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Anton/Frankel Center

20 South Main Street
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Faculty & Staff Services

While we discourage faculty from requiring students to visit the writing center, we do strongly encourage you to familiarize students with the center in the following ways:

  • Schedule classroom visits or tours: Consultants are happy to come to your classroom or to host your class for a short visit at the center to introduce them to the OUWC and our services.
  • Include language about the Oakland University Writing Center in your syllabus.
  • Offer revision opportunities to students who are willing to schedule a consultation: While some students become resentful if they are mandated to visit the center, most are relieved to discover that consultants can help them to rethink a paper’s design or to translate a teacher’s suggestions into a revision draft, especially if that support might help them to earn a better grade.
  • Encourage all students, not just struggling students, to see the OUWC as a part of the writing process. All writers can benefit from collaborating with consultants to improve their writing communication and achieve their goals.
  • Remind students that WC Consultants are not editors: Our consultants are seasoned readers who offer each student a second lens from which to see her/his writing. As such, students cannot drop off their papers or expect that a writing consultant will help them to "fix" every grammar and usage error in the paper.  Our consultants will help writers to recognize and address error patterns in their work as part of the consultation.
  • Post our flier about writing center services for students in Moodle, or see our department specific fliers below.

To make the most of your students' visits to the writing center, you might also:

  • Provide the OUWC with a copy of your syllabi, assignments, model papers, and rubrics.
  • Submit a Writing Center Referral form for your students.
  • Collaborate with the OUWC director to design specific supports for major assignments.

If you identify specific students who would benefit from writing assistance, please recommend that they come to the writing center. While many of our consultants have experience serving under-prepared and special needs students, please contact the director at (248) 370-3105 when referring someone who needs intensive support.

We are always interested in how we can more efficiently serve the needs of our faculty and student body.  To make a referral, schedule an in-class seminar, or ask a question, please e-mail us at or call (248)-370-3120. 

In addition to offering services for your students, we can help you to:

  • Draft or revise a manuscript for publication.
  • Integrate your discipline's writing expectations into your course content.
  • Craft or revise assignments and rubrics.
  • Assess the feedback you offer students on writing projects.
  • Document accomplishments for tenure review or assemble a teaching portfolio.
  • Compose a thesis or dissertation or supervise those who are drafting such high state documents.
  • Construct a personal statement.
  • Revise a curriculum vitae.
  • Generate a proposal or mission statement.

Here are links to recent articles by OU faculty and staff, which address concerns organic to writing, assignment design, information literacy, and academic support at OU.

If you write something about your pedagogy for writing and research-related instruction, we will be happy to add it to our list.

Additional fliers: