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Cite Right Program

What is Cite Right?

As part of a sanction for academic dishonesty—whether intentional or unintentional—students who have plagiarized must attend a short seminar at the Oakland University Writing Center (OUWC) known as "Cite Right” through which they dialogue with a writing consultant about the ethical, academic, and technical aspects of plagiarism.

The program aims to empower students with a knowledge of appropriate documentation and fair use to avoid and combat plagiarism. It is this goal that directs the structure of the program and the dialogue between student and tutor.

How do students get started?

If you have been referred to the writing center by the Dean of Students' Office, please do the following:
  1. Contact the writing center at (248) 370-3120 or stop in at 212 Kresge Library to schedule an appointment.
  2. Complete Kresge Library's Plagiarism Tutorial. Print the certificate at the end of the program, and bring it with you to the first appointment.
  3. Complete the Cite Right Admission Questionnaire before your first appointment.
  4. Attend your first appointment on time, and be ready to discuss the effects of plagiarism on your academic career. Please bring your tutorial certificate and the problem paper/project (the one that you were found to have plagiarized in).
What happens during the program?

The program consists of six 40-minute sessions with outside homework and one final 80-minute session. Here is a session-by-session outline of what will happen during the seminar:

Session 1:
  • Welcome to the Cite Right Program
  • Collect proof of completion of Kresge Library’s Plagiarism Tutorial
  • Review and discuss admission questionnaire
  • Overview program syllabus with student and collect signed contract
  • Examine the problem paper and discuss it in the context of the student's and others' definitions of plagiarism
  • Discuss types of plagiarism

Session 2:
  • Discuss first article
  • Review and practice citation rules for APA, MLA, or CMS

Session 3:
  • Discuss second article
  • Discuss what makes good sources and why we cite
  • Determine if student knows how to research sources using Kresge Library’s database. If not, refer the student to the Reference Desk to schedule a research consultation.
  • Discuss possible topics for plagiarism paper
  • Choose a Topic for the Plagiarism Paper.
  • Find and annotate at least two (2) possible sources for the plagiarism paper. Please bring in copies of sources.

Session 4:
  • Review student’s sources for paper, confirming that they are scholarly, applicable, and acceptable
  • Discuss and practice quotation, summary, and paraphrase
  • Create a References or Works Cited page that includes all four (4) sources. Please bring in copies of sources.

Session 5:
  • Continue discussing chosen sources for paper
  • Start constructing a Source Grid with the sources and/or help outline plagiarism paper
  • Write a full Rough Draft of Plagiarism Paper.

Session 6:
  • Review rough draft and correct errors in citation and source integration
  • Revise Plagiarism Paper into a Final Draft.
  • Email final paper one day before the last session to and with "Cite Right Final Paper" as the subject.
  • Write the Cite Right Reflection.

Session 7:


  • Administer final Cite Right Quiz
  • Review and discuss Final Draft of Plagiarism Paper
  • Discuss briefly Cite Right Reflection Paper and Quiz
Note: If student fails the quiz, s/he can retake it the next week after reviewing the material.

Additional articles for the Cite Right program:

Congratulations! You have completed the Cite Right Program! Look for an email soon notifying the Dean of Students that you are done.