Oakland University Student Congress
Oakland Center, Room 62
312 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
(248) 370-4290


 Zachary Thomas

Student Body President
(586) 873-8406
 Anders Engnell

Student Body Vice President
(248) 568-2248
 Jessica Walukonis

Administrative Assistant
 Adam George

Financial Affairs Director
(248) 370-4291 
 Jorge Garcia

Student Activities Funding Board Chair
(248) 370-4291
 Margaret Merogi

Student Services Director
(248) 370-4294
 Sophia Polsinelli

Legislative Affairs Director
(248) 370-4294 
 Derek Queen

Visual Communications Director
(248) 370-4298
 Victoria Goldwater

Marketing Director
(248) 370-4291
 Ahmed Naseem

Diversity & Inclusion Director
(248) 370-4298
 Lena Mishack

Environmental, Health & Wellness Director
(248) 370-4294

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Ryan Fox

Legislator/Judiciary Committee Chair


Madison Kubinski

Senior Legislator


Luna Nasry

Legislator/Steering Chair


Tamara Mabrouk

Legislator/Research and Review Chair


Elijah Sanders

LegislatorCongressional Archivist


Erin Rourke

Legislator/Scholarship Chair


Dan Poppe



Vicki Harris

Senior Legislator/Greek Council Representative/Tailgate Chair


Blake Walton

RHA Representative


Richard Seeger



Brittany Kleinschmidt



Helen Thompson



Austin Church



Ryan Fox

Judiciary Chair
The Judiciary Committee upholds the rules and regulations set for Student Congress. This means making sure that all branches are following the rules of the Constitution and the guidelines of the Bylaws for Student Congress. We are currently looking for members uninvolved in another branch of congress to join this committee. If interested, please email the Judiciary Chair.

Elections Commission
The elections commission is a team of students led by the Administrative Assistant of Student Congress. Elections commission runs all the elections related events for student congress such as Elections Kickoff, and Debates.

Contact Jessica Walukonis at jrwalukonis@oakland.edu

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee is focused on creating new scholarships designed to reward OU students for their hard work. Scholarships include and are not limited to: academics, athletics, philanthropy, creative arts, literature, financial hardships, excellence in character, and leadership. This is your chance to give back!

Contact Erin Rourke at emrourkeoakland.edu

Judiciary Committee
The Judiciary Committee upholds the rules and regulations set for Student Congress. This means making sure that all branches are following the rules of the Constitution and the guidelines of the Bylaws for Student Congress.

Contact Ryan Fox at rmfox@oakland.edu

Research and Review Committee

Being part of the Research and Review Committee consists mostly of exciting and interesting research based projects and ideas, in order to gather more information to help OUSC and better Oakland University.

Contact Tamara Mabrouk at tmmabrouk@oakland.edu

Legislative Affairs Committee

Interested in politics? As a committee member, you would have the opportunity to research student issues for lobbying efforts as well as take part in vote registration drives. This committee can also meet and work with Student Governments at the state and federal level.

Contact Sophia Polsinelli at srpolsinelli@oakland.edu

Marketing Committee
As a committee member, you would assist the Marketing Director in brainstorming different promotions, post fliers throughout campus, and pass out promotions in the Oakland Center when OUSC has events coming up.

Contact Victoria Goldwater at vfgoldwater@oakland.edu

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Do you want a step beyond the status quo? As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, you would be engaged in actively representing every student group on campus while pursuing University-wide policy change and initiatives that are aimed at transforming Oakland University into a top-tier institution of higher education. If you want to push your university forward and be a part of the cutting edge on campus, the DID Committee welcomes you with open arms.


Contact Ahmed Naseem at anaseem@oakland.edu

Student Services Committee
The purpose is to resolve any concerns students may have while striving to ensure that each student gets the most out of their time here at Oakland. At the meetings, committee initiatives are discusses, project liaisons give updates, and ample time is given for members to critique projects and propose new initiatives within the committee. If you have the desire to make a lasting impact with your time here at Oakland University, this committee invites you to help us bring about positive change.

Contact Margaret Merogi at mtmerogi@oakland.edu

Tailgate Committee
The tailgate committee is responsible for planning the tailgates that OUSC hosts before big athletic events. Members of the tailgate committee will be able to suggest ideas for promotional items, activities at the tailgate, and of course be involved in running the tailgate. Anyone who is passionate about OU Athletics is encouraged to join this committee.

Contact Vicki Harris at vdharris@oakland.edu

Environmental, Health, and Wellness Committee
Each member will be asked to attend major Environmental, Health, and Wellness events, and serve as an advocate for healthy living and being environmentally aware. As an added bonus, you are able to voice your opinion and bring new ideas to the table during committee meetings.

Contact Lena Mishack at lmmishac@oakland.edu

Visual Communications Committee

This committee is a team of creative minds who are passionate about graphic design and artistic expression. We are responsible for creating some of the banners, posters, etc. posted around campus. As a part of this committee, you will aid the Visual Communications Director in producing many different graphics for OUSC. This is a great opportunity to gain experience as a graphic designer and expand your portfolio!

Contact Derek Queen at dtqueen@oakland.edu 

Our other 2016-2017 OUSC Committees are still in the planning stages!

If you are interested in getting involved with Oakland University's Student Congress for the 2016-2017 school year, please contact us at ousc@oakland.edu for more information.