OU INC client Meazon successfully completes Department of Energy Wireless Submeter Challenge

OU INC client Meazon successfully completes Department of Energy Wireless Submeter Challenge
Amy Butler and Meazon leaders
OU INC Executive Director Amy Butler is flanked by Meazon executive leaders Stelios Koutroubinas (left) and John Gionas.

OU INC client Meazon was recognized for its exemplary performance in meeting the specifications for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wireless Submetering Challenge.

Meazon was the only company to successfully provide a unique solution to the DOE challenge, combining innovation excellence with high performance at low cost, using state-of-the-art technologies. Meazon is a global energy-monitoring company that recently expanded to the U.S. market via Oakland University’s OU INC Soft Landings Program after an initial launch in Athens and Patras, Greece.

“We are thrilled with this success of their project and the recognition of their achievement in this challenge, said OU INC Executive Director Amy Butler. “Meazon is a great example of how our international soft landings program assists growth companies in expanding into the United States market.”

To complete the challenge, a real-life pilot installation of Meazon’s energy submeters were thoroughly evaluated by DOE experts. Meazon was presented with the award recognizing their achievements by Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, U.S. DOE, at the 2017 DOE Better Buildings Summit in Washington, D.C.

This proprietary technology is a combination of smart, miniaturized, wireless, open-architecture cyber submeters and controllers that are interconnected using mesh networking technology. Meazon couples this technology with their powerful energy data-aggregation gateway and a cloud-based, real-time, energy monitoring and analytics service, thus providing scalability, security and efficiency.

“When we saw the challenge from the DOE, we knew that this was for us,” said Meazon CEO Stelios Koutroubinas. “We were confident our technology would meet the specs of the challenge. It was an excellent way to prove our technology and our vision in practice.”

Energy use must be measured in order to effectively improve a building’s energy efficiency. However, real-time energy-use data are not available for many buildings, often due to the high cost of metering and gathering the data. The commercial building market, including the Federal sector where metering of building energy use is required by law, is in need of reliable, cost-effective metering systems. DOE initiated this Wireless Submetering Challenge to manufacturers to spur the development of low total-cost-of-ownership electric metering systems.

Meazon’s technology has proven the ability to meet the need of a more effective and cost-efficient way of energy monitoring and management. Meazon incorporates more than 20 years of acquired experience in embedded microelectronics design, enabling the optimization of contradictory characteristics on the same product, such as low power consumption with high performance capabilities.

For more information on Meazon, contact John Gionas at j.gionas@meazon.com. Questions regarding OU INC should be directed to Joan Carleton at (586) 884-9324 or jfcarlet@oakland.edu.

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Meazon designs and delivers energy-related Internet of Things products, combining hardware, firmware and software in a unique manner at a fraction of the price of what is available today. The company has built a comprehensive portfolio of energy management solutions, with an excellent team of software, firmware and hardware engineers. With offices in Greece (Athens and Patras) and in Michigan (Oakland County), Meazon collaborates with a wide range of domestic and international ESCOs, systems integrators, energy utilities, service providers and buildings. For more information, visit meazon.com

OU INC is a SmartZone Business Incubator and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and strategic industry partners. With a focus on the medtech, energy, mobility, and information technology sectors, OU INC provides entrepreneurial resources and strategic business solutions for developing business ventures and accelerating ideas to market. OU INC is a designated Soft Landing Facility through the International Business Association for international companies. For more information, visit oakland.edu/ouinc.