About OIRA

Mission Statement

  The role of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is to support the planning, decision making, 
  evaluation and self-assessment activities of the university by providing accurate and objective information about 
  the progress of its efforts to achieve its mission and strategic plans.  This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Analysis of enrollment activities and trends, enrollment projections, and analysis of student population and sub-populations.
  • Development and maintenance of systems and reports for monitoring and evaluating student performance and success (retention tracking, graduation rates, and time to degree).
  • Serve as a reliable source for comprehensive and authoritative information about the university by producing a series of regular institutional studies, reports and data bases designed to support recurring decision needs of the institution.
  • Support and coordinate the self-assessment activities of academic and student affairs units of the university.
  The Association for Institutional Research - CODE OF ETHICS

Laura A. SchartmanDirectorschartma@oakland.edu
Rueben J.TernesAssistant Directorternes@oakland.edu
Taeko YokoyamaResearch Associateyokoyama@oakland.edu
Ramona A. GaleResearch Information Clerk IIgale@oakland.edu
Cassandra BarraganAssessment Coordinatorbarragan@oakland.edu
Clare SabelhausStudent Employeecasabelhaus@oakland.edu
Sebastian ReedStudent Employeesdreed@oakland.edu