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OC Construction

OC Construction

July 21, 2017

Construction at the OC continues to progress. Major work has been made both inside and outside the current building. Depending on your location around the building, it is starting to look like an entirely different place.

Starting on the south end of the building, major work is being done outside to prepare for the new foundation. Over the past two weeks not only has the entire south-east entrance gone away, but the stairwell to the lower level has also been removed. As work continues, there is another disruption to traffic flow as well. On the very south-east corner of the construction zone a new fence has gone up along the front side of Kresge Library.

Along the east side there are three major updates. First, the restrooms on the lower level have been taken offline for the foreseeable future. The OC anticipates that these restrooms will not be open during the fall semester as major work is done in and around these spaces. Work in this area has also required Student Congress and the Student Program Board to move to the old TV Lounge on the lower level for the fall semester. Second, concrete is being poured, going up on the wall outside the former fireside lounge, where the patio used to be. And third, the fireplace has been completely removed from the fireside lounge, making way for the construction of the new Oakland University Credit Union and ID Card Office.

Some of the biggest changes are happening to the north, where concrete walls have been taking over the landscape. Two weeks ago we could see the new elevator pit ready to go, and over the past two weeks concrete walls to support the new north meeting rooms have been put into place. This work will continue over the next few weeks.

Please follow the OC on Facebook to view updated photos showing construction progress. Check back here every two weeks for updated information regarding the construction progress.

July 7, 2017

The Oakland Center expansion is two months into construction, and the changes are dramatic. Over the course of the previous 60 days there are many changes to the building, both inside and out.

Inside the OC traffic flows have been altered. Currently only two entrances are available for guests, both on the west side of the building. This change requires those looking to access buildings east of the Oakland Center to travel around the perimeter of the construction zone. In addition, many temporary walls have been constructed to keep guests outside of the interior construction areas. Demolition of areas on the north and east side of the building have been moving along well, in preparation of the new construction in the areas formerly occupied by the Fireside Lounge, Grizz Express, and offices housing the Dean of Students Office and VP for Student Affairs.

Outside the OC the landscape has taken on a large transformation. Sidewalks have been removed, and construction equipment and vehicles can be seen and heard throughout the day. Demolition of the existing building has been the most obvious change, with the southeast entrance now removed, as well as large amounts of glass on both the north and south end of the building. This past week also saw a new concrete walkway created to the southwest of the building, along the construction fence, helping to improve the flow of traffic around the building. A second walkway will be created on the north end in August allowing for improved access to O’Dowd Hall and the east side of campus.

As the project enters the third month the new building is taking form. On the north end new concrete walls are being poured outside the Bookstore on the lower level, in addition to the construction of the new elevator that will be inside the new north entrance. To the south, digging has commenced to allow the new foundation to take shape, giving us a glimpse of what the new footprint of the building will look like.