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Approval Process

Approval Process

Departments building their own products should review the following information. (Departments requesting SBS build a product for them, just fill out the New Product Request form which is available in the left navigation area.)

The Product Approval Process

  1. MarketPlace users should build new products in the Test environment (see Getting Started).
  2. All pages that are ready to go live in production must first be submitted to Student Business Services for approval.   Approval is requested by filling out the New Product Setup form available in the left navigation area.
  3. Once the page has been reviewed and all updates made, products can be built in production. ( MarketPlace Production Login)
  4. Products should be built in Production exactly the way they were approved in Test. (The product should remain disabled)
  5. When the product is complete, an e-mail should be sent to Student Business Services, the product will be checked to make sure it matches Test, enabled, and the MarketPlace user will be notified by e-mail that the product is live in production.

    Fiduciary Responsibility: Oakland University does not act as a fiduciary for other organizations. Product request received attempting to use MarketPlace for this purpose will be denied.
Getting Started
  1. Login to the MarketPlace Test Site with the user name and password that was provided by the Student Business Services office. (Users can use the MarketPlace Test Mall to preview pages as they are being built.)
  2. Once logged in, in the main page area click on the store where the new product will be sold.
  3. In the left navigation area click Products
  4. Click Add New Product in the top left of the main page area
Refer to the Oakland University Store Setup and Standards document for detailed help with MarketPlace.