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Standardized Work

Standardized Work

For standardized work, all tasks are organized in the best known sequence and by using the most effective combination of resources, including:

1) People – individuals or departments
2) Materials – supplies, tools, tooling, manuals, data, etc.
3) Methods – processes and procedures
4) Machines – machinery, computers, printers, etc.

All employees must follow the current standardized work (best practices) as determined collectively.

Standardized work has many benefits, including that it:

• organizes job elements into a smooth sequence
• creates a balance of human and machine
• improves physical layout to support the individual
• provides process control and reduces variation
• offers information in an easily understood format
• prompts level production
• improves safety
• improves communication and understanding
• establishes a base for continuous improvement
• provides a training tool for new employees