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Get Involved

Looking to get more involved at OU or in the local community? Check out these opportunities to get more engaged on campus and help the surrounding community. Volunteering is a great way to give back while engaging others and building your resume. You can also check out our Facebook page which is updated with events going on in the area.

CAIR (Creating American International Relationships) Program
The CAIR Program offers to Oakland University international students hospitality and resources for their integration with American culture toward a broad and enriching experience during their stay in the United States.

The CAIR Program will:
  • Introduce students to American family life and culture
  • Help students move into their new “homes” (dorms or apartments)
  • Introduce students to Oakland University and the surrounding community

Are you interested?

About CAIR:

Meeting Your Host:

  • The host will reach out to you through an email or a text message
  • When you arranged to meet: Be on time, let the host know if you are running late, confirm location and time before you meet,
  • Do not expect your partner to pay for activities or meals for you. Always offer to pay for yourself.
  • Make the host aware if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies
  • Be respectful of your partner and their family

Hosting a Student:

  • Conduct research on the student's country and learn about the student's dietary restrictions
  • When you arrange to meet, be specific about time and location and what the activity is
  • Find out the best way to communicate: phone, email, Facebook, or other messaging applications
  • Support the students in their needs, such as language, adjusting to food, setting up their bank account, tipping at restaurants, and most importantly make them feel at home

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy family meals, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and enjoy each other's company at special events organized by International Oasis or the CAIR Program
  • Go to a movie, bowling, ice skating, or shopping together
  • Visit museums, historical sites, the zoo, cider mill's, or a water park
  • Enjoy local restaurants for coffee, lunch or dinner
  • Take a trip to the Eastern Market, Belle Isle, Corktown, Detroit Institute of Arts, or Campus Martius in Detroit


  • Be respectful towards each other
  • Ask lots of questions about each other's cultures, the differences and similarities, in a polite way
  • Talk about transportation needs of the student and the transportation availability of the host
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Please contact the ISSO if:

  • You feel uncomfortable moving forward with the CAIR partner/student that has been assigned to you
  • When the student graduates and would like to be matched with another student
  • If the student if not responding when you reach out
If you have any additional questions or would like more information contact our CAIR program coordinator Abby Sachs at or 248-370-3358.
To learn what CAIR program is all about please watch our short introduction video.
International Allies Organization (IAO)

International Allies Organization is a multicultural group that promotes understanding and friendship between students from different countries around the world. We pair students from the U.S. with International students at Oakland University to create a friendship where both students can practice languages, share their cultures, and learn about a new culture.  IAO hosts an event once a month and meetings every other week.  There will be free food, games, and fun at all events and they are free and open to all students. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

The IAO will:

  • Introduce students to American family life and culture
  • Help students to practice English and other languages that would be beneficial for students wanting to study abroad
  • Organize monthly fun activities for students to experience American and other holidays

Interested International students:

Interested American/Domestic students:

If you have any additional questions or would like more information contact the IAO President Isabella Motta Pereira at  mottapereira or the ISSO at 248-370-3358.
International Spouse Program

Moving to the U.S. can be both exciting and challenging for spouses and children of international students and scholars. Our mission in the International Spouse Program is to:

  • Bring together international spouses
  • Help make connections
  • Practice English skills in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Find friendships and support within the international community at Oakland University

To become a member of the International Spouse Group, please complete this sign-up form to give us an idea of your interests and to help us plan events that meet your expectations. Please contact Nisreen Al-Bataineh, group coordinator, at if you have any questions or concerns.

The International Spouse Group is your home away from home!

ISSO Orientation Assistant

All current international students are encouraged to apply.  Orientation assistants help OU staff in all aspects of international orientation.  They help to welcome our newly arrived international students at the beginning of each semester.

*Orientations Assistants are volunteers and are not paid* 

Among the things you could do:

  •        Help with immigration check-in
  •        Staff informational tables
  •        Help with orientation set-up and take down
  •        Volunteer for one orientation social activity


  • Orientation assistant must be in good academic standing
  • All orientation assistants must attend the pre-orientation training meeting (if you are a returning Orientation Assistant you do not need to attend mandatory training)

Winter 2019 Mandatory Orientation Training

Friday December 14, 2018 from 10:00am-12:00pm

Winter 2019 Orientation 

Wednesday January 2, 2019


ISSO Event Volunteer

All current international students are encouraged to apply.  Event volunteers help OU staff in all aspects of international events.  They help to set up for an event, during the event with check in, raffles, picture taking and with clean up.

*Event Volunteers* are volunteers and are not paid* 


  • Event volunteer must be in good academic standing
  • All event volunteers must participate in at least one event per semester


International Ambassadors and Honorary Ambassadors of the Month

Danyi Han

International Ambassador

Major: Master of Information Technology 

Why I enjoy working with international students: I myself is also an international student and I know how difficult it could be studying in a foreign country with little knowledge of its language and culture.  Luckily, I got generous help from different organizations especially ISSO to sort out all the problems not only in academic but also in life. And now I would like to help students who are having the same problems as I did. On the other hand, meeting with people from different countries has always be exciting for me. I can learn so much from them and also get different perspectives. 

Fawaz Alkhudhayr

International Ambassador and Special Projects Assistant

Major: Industrial & System Engineering focused on Human Factor and Ergonomics including Career Developing and Positive Engagement from Oakland University

Why I enjoy working with international students: I’m enjoying working with International Students to learn different languages and cultures, and I would like to make them feel welcomed and comfortable while they are pursuing their degree here at OU.  Experienced International Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education and duty industry. 

Honorary Ambassador of the Month

In order to recognize and celebrate exceptional contributions by an Oakland International Student or Alumnus, the ISSO is inviting monthly nominations for our new 'Honorary Ambassador of the Month' program. We are excited to recognize an international student each month who has achieved something exceptional. This achievement could be academic related, service related, business or employment related, community outreach related or some other area achievement which you feel is worthy of recognition.
Winners will be announced at the beginning of each month and will be recognized with a certificate of achievement and a $50 gift card donated by the sponsor of the month.
You can submit nominations here.