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Technology Support

Don’t get frustrated when you get a 404 error message. We’ve got technology support and computer services directly in the residence halls for all resident students.
Housing Network
Network Info

All of the residence halls and student apartments have access to OU’s wireless network. In Fitzgerald House, WiFi is the only way students can access the network. All of our wireless access points are 802.11ac capable in both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. 

Wired network ports are also available in Hamlin Hall, Hill House, Oak View Hall, Van Wagoner House, Vandenberg Hall and both student apartment complexes*. Students will need a wired network adapter for whichever device they wish to connect to the wired port, as well as a Cat5e network cable. The wired ports are the fastest and most reliable form of connectivity; as such, it is recommended that students who have access to wired ports take advantage of them as often as possible. 

Oakland University provides the internal network with a next-generation firewall, but personal anti-virus software is not provided to students. University Housing highly recommends that you install and maintain security software on your computer. If you need recommendations for this type of program, technicians at the University Housing Technology Help Desk will be able to provide you with suggestions for both free and paid-for options. Students should also keep their operating systems up-to-date with the latest patches and hardware drivers.

*The student apartments offer wired ports in both the bedrooms and the living room.

Register your computer
  1. Connect your computer to either the wireless or wired network in your residence
  2. Open an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) 
  3. You should be automatically redirected to the Registration page. If you are not, you may have to manually enter the address: Note that your browser may view this page as “unsafe”; it is not, and you should bypass any warnings. 
  4. Select “Log In to ResNet”
  5. Enter your NetID username in the password section (the username is the same as your email name, without the at the bottom of the page, read the user agreement information, and check the box stating that you agree to OU’s user policy
  6. Click download and run the Registration Agent
  7. If you meet the requirements to use the network, you will be redirected to a page stating you have been successfully registered. Your network settings will take a moment to reset, and you will then be able to use ResNet anywhere within the residence halls and apartments!

Connect game consoles

How to Connect a PS3 or Xbox 360:
You will first need to locate your network card's MAC (aka Network) address in your system settings.

How to find the MAC address on a PS3:
  • Select Settings on the PS3 Home Menu
  • Navigate down to System Settings 
  • Select System Information 
  • The MAC address is displayed on center of the screen in a format like 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF
How to find the MAC address on a XBOX 360:
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Network Settings
  • Connect to Grizzlies
  • Go back into your network and select Configure Network
  • Select the Additional Settings tab
  • Bring down your cursor on Advanced Settings, Host Name, Host Name, Alternate Mac Address and select it
  • The MAC address is displayed on the left side of the screen in a format like 12AB34CD56EF
How to find the MAC address on a Nintendo Wii:
  • From the Home Menu, select Wii Options (bottom left)
  • Select Wii Settings
  • Scroll right to Wii System Settings
  • Select Internet
  • Find the MAC in Console Information
Next, attempt to connect to the network. You will fail the connection test and receive an error from your game console. This is a necessary step in the authentication system that allows the system to see the game console and enables the next steps to work properly.
  1. Using a previously registered computer, connect to the network, open a web browser and go to
  2. Select the blue box that says Register a Game System.
  3. At the bottom of the page that appears, enter in your user ID credentials along with the MAC address of your game console. You MUST enter the MAC in all capitals and use colons between the six sets of numbers/letters (i.e., 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF). 
  4. Click Submit and you will get a message stating you have successfully registered your device!

Connect smartphone, iPod and e-readers
On most devices, you should be able to go to the Registration page via your device's Internet browser and register the device as you would a computer. If you cannot access a web browser with your device, or if your device is asking you to download the dissolvable client, contact the University Housing Technology Helpdesk to have the device registered manually.

Personal equipment use
Use of any device capable of broadcasting a wireless signal in any manner is PROHIBITED in all residence halls and student apartments. Types of prohibited equipment include, but are not limited to: personal wireless routers, wireless printers, and cell phone wireless hot spots. Students who are found using this type of equipment will be forced to take it down and could face University Housing judicial procedures.

Desktop hubs and switches are not permitted on the OU network per Oakland University Policy #850. The Campus Manager system will not work properly with these devices.

Illegal downloading
Illegal downloading of any kind, including the use of programs such as Limewire or Bittorrent, is prohibited on campus, and a judicial process that includes a temporary ban from the network will be carried out if you are caught by any governing body. Please visit the UTS webpage on downloading for more information.
The University Housing Technology Helpdesk is a service offered by University Housing to all students living on campus.The Helpdesk exists to assist students with any technological problems that they might encounter while using OU’s network or their own personal computing devices.

The University Housing Technology Helpdesk is staffed by:

Justin Austin Ben Pawlowski Nathan Pigott   

Technology Helpdesk Hours of Operation:

  • Monday: 12 - 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., 3 - 5:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 12 - 6 p.m.
  • Thursday:8 a.m. - 12 p.m., 3 - 5:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Contact the Technology Helpdesk at:

423 Hamlin Hall
(248) 370-2534

  • Assistance with connecting personal computers, gaming devices, smart phones, e-readers and other network-enabled devices to both the wired and wireless networks in the residence halls and student apartments
  • Attempted removal of viruses and malware from student computers
  • Assistance with syncing OU email to smartphones or iPods
  • Advice on technology purchases
  • Technical support for the Hamlin Hall Computer Lab
  • Minor hardware installations and repairs
  • Desktop support for University Housing auxiliary offices
Computer Labs
and Workstations

Hamlin Computer Lab

Located on the main floor of Hamlin Hall, behind the Hamlin Reception Desk, the computer lab is open 24 hours a day, and is available to all students who live in the residence halls. The lab features: 

  • Ten Dell PC workstations
  • Five Apple iMac workstations
  • Two high-resolution Epson document scanners
  • Full Microsoft 2010 suite
  • Five multi-media workstations featuring the Adobe creative suite software

Please note that the computers in the lab are set to erase all new data and changes upon rebooting, and do so on a nightly basis. Saving any work or information to the computers is not advised. University Housing is not responsible for the any student data that is lost. 

Student Technology Center

Serving all students of Oakland University, from beginners looking to learn the basics to experts seeking to hone their skills, the Student Technology Center's training, education and hands-on learning experiences offer on-campus services to meet OU students' ever-increasing technology needs.

Other Lab Locations

Additional public work stations are available in the main lobby of Oak View Hall, and in the 4000 building of the Ann V. Nicholson Apartments. 

Wepa Printing

University Housing offers three Wepa printing kiosks. These kiosks are located in the Hamlin Computer Lab, the main lobby of Oak View Hall, and outside of the Vandenberg Dining Center. For more information on Wepa printing services, please click here