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How to Send a Fax from a Computer

How to Send a Fax from a Computer


The instructions are for a RICOH multifunction device, however sending a fax using other multifunction device should be a similar process.

  • - Add the appropriate networked multifunction device or fax machine from \\fax.oakland.edu


For this tutorial we have used a Microsoft Word document but the same procedure can be applied to any document you are trying to fax


  • To send a Fax click on File > Print > Select a %Fax Queue% > Click on Print button 

How to send fax from a computer.jpg

  • The LAN-Fax wizard will come up

 How to send fax from a computer-1.jpg

  • To add a cover sheet, click on "Edit Cover Sheet"

How to send fax from a computer-2.jpg 

  • Click on "Edit Address Book" to add or remove contact information; Please enter "7 1" before the fax number

How to send fax from a computer-3.jpg 

  • Select the appropriate contact information and click on "Set as Destination"

How to send fax from a computer-4.jpg 

  • The "Specify Destination" tab allows you to quickly send a fax without adding the contact information in your address book

How to send fax from a computer-9.jpg 

  • The "Send Option" tab allows you to attach a cover sheet to the first page of the transmission

How to send fax from a computer-5.jpg 

  • The "Email Settings" tab will allow you to receive e-mail notification to one e-mail address. Check the "Notify" box to enable this feature and enter a destination email address

How to send fax from a computer-6.jpg 

  • Example of a successful and an unsuccessful Fax transmission notification

  How to send fax from a computer-7.jpgHow to send fax from a computer-8.jpg