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Do not know GrizzyID and Pin or Need Pin Reset

Do not know GrizzyID and Pin or Need Pin Reset

Footprints Public Solution #56868 Updated March 2016

If you cannot remember your Grizzly ID, if your PIN is disabled, or if you want to reset your PIN:

To obtain your Grizzly ID:

Current students who have attended within the last year: 

  • You can view your Grizzly ID number in MySAIL by going to www.oakland.edu, and clicking on the MySAIL icon (https://mysail.oakland.edu) located in the upper right hand corner and log in with your NetID and password.  
    • On the main page, under "Academics", "My Details" section you will find the Grizzly ID.
  • Go to any student services office with picture identification.
  • Complete the on-line GrizzID Request form at https://forms.oakland.edu

Alumni and Students who have NOT attended within the last year: 

  • Come in person with picture identification to any student services office.
  • Complete the on-line GrizzID Request form at https://forms.oakland.edu

Staff member do not know their Grizzly ID:

  • Come in person to the University Human Resources, room 401 Wilson Hall, (248) 370-3480

Faculty members who do not know their Grizzly ID can do one of the following:

  •     Log into SAIL account and click Faculty Services then select Detail Class List.  The G# will appear in the right-hand corner of the page.
  •     Complete the on-line Grizzly ID Release form found at forms.oakland.edu and submit via fax or email and receive a call back.
  •     Come in person to the OU Help Desk office at 202 Kresge Library and present photo identification.
  •     Go to the Office of Academic Affairs, room 417 Wilson Hall, (248) 370-2922 and present photo identification.

To change or reset your 6 digit PIN:

Visit the Oakland University NetID Administration page at https://netid.oakland.edu

1. Select the fourth link down Reset/Change your Grizzly ID PIN

Grizz ID - 1

2. Follow the instructions to Reset your Personal Identification Number (PIN) Note: Enter Grizzly ID with capital "G" (Gxxxxxxxx). Enter date of birth in format mm/dd/yyyy.  The name you enter must match the records on file at Oakland University.

Grizz ID - 2

3. If you are NOT signed up for the emergency notification system, you will receive the following message. Select the second option “I would like to answer/choose question”. And then click submit. 

Reset Pin 2.jpg


4. If you do not get the above message about the Emergency Notification System you will need to click on the bottom “Select or Answer Question” and then click submit.

Reset Pin 3.jpg


5. You will then be asked to answer your Grizzly ID PIN hint question. If you do not currently have a question, you will be need to set one up.

Reset Pin 4.jpg


6. If you do not know your Grizzly ID PIN hint question you will receive the error ““The information provided does not match our records. Please try again”.   Please confirm the information you have typed is correct and if you continue to receive the message, contact the OU Help Desk at (248)370-4357 to clear your security question before resetting your PIN.

7. Once you have successfully answered your Grizzly ID PIN hint question you will be able to reset your Grizzly ID PIN. The new Grizzly ID PIN must be six numbers.  

Reset Pin 5.jpg