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Computer Labs

Computer Labs

Updated March 2016

If you have questions about the following labs, please contact the indicated department/school.

  • College of Arts and Sciences:
    • Kresge Library (Room 222,225A, 225B): The library has three information literacy instruction labs.  Kresge Library labs have 24-25 PCs for KL222 and KL225A and room KL225B has seating up to 38 students.  The lab can be located at the Kresge Library.  

    • SEB (Fifth Floor): Mathematics Teaching Lab - 12 Wintel computers and a laser printer. Used for teaching courses with computational components. Information regarding the Mathematics labs will be provided by the instructor.  Visit the Department of Math and Statistics.

    • Vandenberg Hall (105): PC Lab for RCJ classes, See Gerard Jozwiak (221 VAR) (248) 370-3163.

    • Vandenberg Hall (106): MacMini lab for Rhetoric and Journalism classes (20 workstations). See Gerard Jozwiak (221 VAR) (248) 370-3163.

    School of Business Administration:

    • Elliott Hall (215): PC Lab - 44 workstations. Student Lab Monitors (248) 370-3202 or e-mail sbahelp@oakland.edu

    • Elliott Hall (223): Teaching Lab 1 - 36 PC workstations. Used primarily for teaching, but open to students when no classes are scheduled.

    • Elliott Hall (202): Teaching Lab 2 - 45 PC workstations. Used primarily for teaching.

    • Elliott Hall (224A): Teaching Lab 3 - 23 PC workstations. Used primarily for teaching.

    • Elliott Hall (337): ATiB Computer Lab - 20 PC workstations. Restricted to ATiB faculty and students only. Contact information and details for SBA computing resources are listed at SBA Computer Facilities.

  • School of Education:

    • Pawley Hall (165): PC Lab - 22 PC workstations. Used for classes, but open to Human Resource Development students between classes, (248) 370-4109

    • Pawley Hall (350): Educational Resources Laboratory - More than 50 wireless computers - Call (248) 370-3639 for technical support information, or visit Educational Resources Laboratory.

    • Pawley Hall (360): 25 iMacs and 15 Macbooks - Department of Reading and Language Arts - Used for Instructional Systems Technology courses.

  • School of Engineering and Computer Science:

    School of Health Sciences:

    • Hannah Hall (302): PC lab for Physical Therapy students, contact Brenda Pierce (248) 370-3564.

    • Hannah Hall (305): PC lab for students enrolled in the School of Health Sciences, contact Brenda Pierce (248) 370-3564.

    • Hannah Hall (314): PC lab used by graduate assistants in the School of Health Sciences, contact Brenda Pierce (248) 370-3564.

  • School of Nursing:

    • O'Dowd Hall (219): Crittenton Multimedia Center for Nursing, 11 workstations that students can use to access the Internet and to work with programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Interactive application for nursing skills and knowledge (graduate and undergraduate) and SPSS. For additional information see, School of Nursing - Resource Lab, or call (248) 370-4079.

    Disability Support Services:

    • Kresge Library (233): Lab is equipped with voice recognition, Kurzweil Reader. Lab is open to all students. For additional information see, Disability Support Services, or call (248) 370-3266.

  • Oakland Center:

    • Information about the Oakland Center computing resources can be found at, Oakland Center Services. Or you can call (248) 370-3245.

  • Residence Halls:

    • Hamlin Hall (439): 15 PC and 4 Mac workstations. Restricted to residence hall students. For information on access, contact the Housing Office at (248) 370-2534 or visit Residence Halls Computer Lab.

  • Student Technology Center (STC):

    • The STC provides 40 Dell computers and 8 Apple computers for student use.  For more information visit the Student Technology Center website, visit them at 44 Oakland Center or call (248) 370-4832.