Trouble Registering for Emergency Alerts

Trouble Registering for Emergency Alerts

Footprints Public Solution #70192 Updated March 2016

If you cannot register for emergency alerts on the Oakland University Emergency Notification website please check the following:

  1. Enter your name exactly as it appears on university records. Your first and last name must be entered exactly as it appears in university records.
    • Check your last name, first name, grizzlyID and Oakland NetID (email) address from the SAIL website before you enter the information on the emergency notification website.
  2. Enter your entire email address complete with the ""
  3. Do not copy and paste the GrizzlyID from another page.
  4. Try closing and reopening your Internet browser, or try a different browser.
    • We've had reports of difficulties using Firefox. If you are using Firefox, please try a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari.
  5. Try clearing Cache and Cookies.

If this still does not work for you, please reopen this ticket and provide the following information:

  1. What browser and browser version you are using (i.e., Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. this information is found from menu bar> HELP> About).

  2. Are you using an Apple computer?
  3. How you navigated to the emergency notification web site (what is the starting website, what did you point and click on).
  4. What is the URL/Address line of your browser.
  5. Provide any error messages you see or what you see on the screen that tells your entry is unsuccessful.