Where is the Form to Release University Owned Computer Equipment

Where is the Form to Release University Owned Computer Equipment?

A PDF version of the Equipment Release form can be found here: EquipmentRelease.pdf

Topic: University Owned Equipment

Audience: Staff and Faculty

Date: February 18, 2010

Notice of Computer Release

The protection of University information technology assets is a primary focus. System administrators must take steps to protect information technology assets in line with University Policy #880. When a computer is released, it must have all software licenses and data removed prior to be turned over to Property Management.

In order to make sure that your computer has been properly formatted and presents no risk to the University, it must be reviewed by a designated systems administrator, who will sign this form.

APPROVAL FOR RELEASE: I, _ _ _ _, (Print Full Name) have reviewed this computer, _ _ _ _, (Maker) _ _ _ _, (Model) and agree that no software, operating system or data reside on the _ _ _ _, (Serial Number) computer and that it has been formatted.

_ _ _ _ Check here if the hard drive has been removed.

_ _ _ _ Signature of System Administrator

_ _ _ _ Date

Please submit this form with the completed Inventory Release Form to release the computer equipment to Property Management.