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Current Students

HC 100
Staff, Student Fellows & Teaching Assistants - We are here to help YOU!


"Welcome to HC 100! My name is Karen and I am a member of The Honors College staff.  Your TA will be your primary contact, but if there is anything you need extra help with, I am available.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you this year!" - Karen Conn

Dean's Student Fellows

Morgan Farrah
Major: Biology with a Pre-Medicine focus
Campus Involvement: President of the Honors College Student Association, Alpha Lambda Delta member, member of the Pre-Med society, Intramural sports, and Medical Brigades member
Areas of Expertise:  Biology, Chemistry, and napping
Fun Facts: I love to play volleyball and softball. Mac & cheese and ice-cream are my 2 favorite foods. Have been to eight different countries. Obsessed with my dog named Eddie Munster

Megan Kabara
Major: Biology, Pre-Medicine
Campus Involvement: Member of Habitat for Humanity, HCSA, University Housing, Research Lab and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority
Area of Expertise: Biology, time management, pre-med advice and napping:)
Fun FactsI have an intense obsession with penguins and I love the ocean! 

Delaney Kamm
Major: Psychology with Creative Writing minor
Campus Involvement
: Volunteer with OUCares, Honors College TA (now Student Fellow), former Public Relations representative for Echo Cognitio 
Areas of Expertise:
Writing, volunteering, travel, Autism awareness
Fun Facts:
 I spent a semester studying in Malta...if you don't know what Malta is, ask me! 

Small Group Leaders (TA's)
Liz Bulliner
Liz Bulliner

Major:  Health Sciences with a Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration, Exercise Science Minor
Campus Involvement:Vice-President of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Intramural Sports, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Admissions Ambassador
Areas of Expertise: Planning trips, organization, children, anatomy, and breakfast & dessert making
Fun Facts: I took piano lessons for 12 years, I have six brothers, and I was homeschooled all the way through high school. 



Alyssa Cardillo

Major:Social Work, Communication
Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Tri Sigma Charter Member, Participant in Intramural Sports
Areas of Expertise: Volleyball, Drawing, Painting, Organization, Time Management, Photography, Lifeguarding, Swim Lessons
Fun Facts: I have 12 step brothers and sisters.  I have two cats, M&M and Misty, and I absolutely love them both.  I love any kind of food and I am obsessed with koalas.

Courtney Clark
Courtney Clark
Major: Biochemistry
Campus Involvement: Aspiring Surgeons, AMWA, former College Coach Program Mentor, former UTS Student Network Technician
Areas of Expertise: Medical terminology, French, Biology, Calculus, and How I Met Your Mother
Fun Facts: Currently applying to medical school. I've been studying French for 6 years. I love music, I have an insane cat named Oliver, and I really want a chameleon.

Marie Elchaer

Major: Biology 
Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Grizz Gang Secretary, Pre-Optometry Club Treasurer, and Access Services Student Assistant at Kresge Library. 
Areas of Expertise: Biology, Kresge Library, Arabic Food, and the Detroit Red Wings Roster. 
Fun Facts: I have family on almost every continent, I religiously follow the Detroit Red Wings, and always up for going to a sporting event or a movie. 

Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans
Major: Biomedical Sciences Major, Spanish Language Minor
Campus Involvement:Pre-Medical Society President, Anatomical Society of OU, HCSA E-Board, Golden Grizzlies Athletic Band Performer, former Housing employee 
Areas of Expertise:  Scheduling and time management, pre-med stuff, and recognizing movie music.
Fun Facts: Applying to medical school, love cooking, have played the trombone for 13 years and currently learning the ukulele, always in the mood for a midnight drive to nowhere.

Jake Farnsworth
Major: Biochemistry
Campus Involvement: Former House Council member, Admissions Ambassador
Areas of Expertise: Science, Math, Photography, time management, consumption of Hungry Howie's
Fun Facts: I'm from Colorado, and enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and camping!

Emily Flint
Emily Flint

Major:  Elementary Education
Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi, Department of Pre-College Programs,and Honors College
Areas of Expertise: Writing, Teaching, Organization, Disney, and Luke Bryan.
Fun Facts:  I enjoy reading and watching HGTV in my free time. I love to teach and work with kids. I also have a cat named Oliver who I talk about a lot!
Nick Garza
Nick Garza

Major : Spanish with Pre-Med Concentration
Campus Involvement:   Member of Spanish Club, Pre-Medical Society, and Catholic Student Services
Areas of Expertise:  Reading, research, chemistry, foreign languages
Fun Facts: I love to travel and want to do The Amazing Race someday!

Bethany Griffith

Major: English with Linguistics Concentration
Campus Involvement: Small Group Leader and Treasurer for InterVarsity, Kresge Library employee, member of ALD, OU intramural sports
Areas of Expertise: Books, know random facts about nearly everything, being the mom of any group, camping
 Fun Facts: This summer I went on a road trip with friends to Yellowstone that involved some epic dance breaks in laundry mats. I also got to go to England for two months to study abroad in Oxford and travel!

Lea Herweyer

Major: Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Programing Chair of Residence Halls Association, Treasurer of Honors College Student Association, member of ALD
Areas of Expertise: Organization, time management, researching future careers/options of careers based on major
Fun Facts: I have two adorable dogs and am addicted to the E! network.

Abby Hein

Major: Linguistics
Campus Involvement: Academic Peer Mentor, OU CARES, Presidential Scholar
Areas of Expertise: Organization, children, and teaching
Fun Facts: I am obsessed with the show Castle, I am the middle child in my family (I have two sisters), and I want to be a Speech Language Pathologist

 Gabby Johnson

Major: Spanish
Campus Involvement: President of the Muggle Quidditch League and member of the GSA
Areas of Expertise: Harry Potter, Fandoms, Scheduling, and Time Management 
Fun Facts: I worked as a lifeguard and camp counselor this summer!

Reham Karana
Reham Karana

Major: Biology with a Pre-Medicine focus
Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President, Future Pediatricians Club Secretary, American Medical Women Associations (AMWA) Volunteer Coordinator, Disability Support Services Assistant, and former Eye Research Institute Research Assistant.
Areas of Expertise:  Biology, Chemistry, Arabic Language, and Children! 
Fun Facts: I have a total of 55 relatives in my intermediate family! I can also read and write in Arabic!

Samantha Keefer
Samantha Keefer

Major- Political Science
Campus Involvement- President of Turning Point USA, former Student Congress member, & Honors College Student
Areas of Expertise- Politics, organization, planning, books, U.S. Presidents, history, & puppies
Fun Facts- I have an awesome dog named Emma (she is adorable), my favorite President is John F. Kennedy, I always have my kindle with me, & I will live in Washington D.C. one day! 

James KhouryJames Khoury

Majors: Computer and Electrical Engineering.
Campus Involvement: Treasurer for the College Democrats at Oakland University, Honors College.
Areas of Expertise: Computers, Teaching, Music, Basketball
Fun Facts: I enjoy fixing up cars, collecting coins, and I have played video games on a competitive team.

Sarah Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence

Major: Graphic Design   Minor: Communications
Campus Involvement: Honors College, The Oakland Post, Admissions Ambassador 
Expertise: Writing/editing, graphic design, photography, biology/anatomy and all things campus tours. 
Fun facts: I've been to over 50 concerts/shows, I'm obsessed with succulents and cacti, and I love coffee! 

Brandon Londo

Major: Electrical Engineering
Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Areas of Expertise: Math/ Visual Basic/ Electric Circuits
Fun Facts: I enjoy kayaking and fishing in the summer as well as swimming. I enjoy playing video games and I am addicted to Skyrim. Also, I am from Alpena Michigan. 

Anastacia Maurer

Major: History and German Language and Literature
Campus Involvement: Fencing Club President and competitive member, Alpha Lambda Delta Historian, German Club member, Admissions Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, former tour guide at Meadow Brook Hall
Areas of Expertise: Languages (I can now read in four!), time management, speed reading, and my favorite... creating memes!
Fun Facts: This past summer I had an internship at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Brianna McCoy
Brianna McCoy

Major: Finance, Pre-Law
Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, OU Women's Lacrosse Club, OU Women's Soccer Club, and Intramural Sports.
Areas of Expertise: Time management, Spanish, cats, soccer, Netflix, and napping.
Fun Facts: I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I love snowboarding, long boarding, hiking, playing lacrosse and working out. I am a bit of a neat freak and am completely obsessed with soccer and  cats!

Lexi Miller
Lexi Miller

Major: Social Work
Campus Involvement: Honors College Student Association Vice President, Social Work Club, Meadow Brook Hall, Museum Assistant, Student Classroom Facilitator in the Lowry Center.
Areas of Expertise:  Psychology/sociology, writing, cats
Fun Facts:  I am obsessed with cats, my family used to run a cat shelter out of our house and we placed over 250 furry friends into loving homes!


Morgan Mrowca
Major: Biology, Pre-Dental, with a Business minor
Campus Involvement: Presidential Scholar, ALD member, Intramural Sports
Areas of Expertise: Biology, Harry Potter, Netflix, and puppies
Fun Facts: I am obsessed with Harry Potter and my dog, Bart, who I will gladly show anyone tons of pictures of!

Julie Paula

Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: Presidential Scholars and Intervarsity
Areas of Expertise:  Spanish, Public Speaking, Organization, Accounting, Planning
Fun Facts:  I love to travel and have been to all fifty states.


Emily Payment

Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, OUCares, Intramural sports, Oakland Accounting Students Information Society (OASIS), Oak View Hall Front Desk Attendant
Areas of Expertise:  Accounting, Finance, Disney, and baking!
Fun Facts: I love playing volleyball and softball. I used to coach for both. My biggest weakness would be puppies and kittens. I am obsessed with baking and desserts! 

Brooke Shepard
Major: Biology w/ Spanish Minor
Campus Involvement: OU Resident, Presidential Scholar
Areas of Expertise:  Video games, photography, Photoshop, time management, Spanish, baking
Fun Facts: I work at an arcade and I love old school video games. I also love playing pool!

Kim Spurgeon

Major: Elementary Education 
Campus Involvement: Student Michigan Education Association 
Areas of Expertise:  Organization, teaching, reading comprehension, random US history facts, and Disney.
Fun Facts: I love Disney! My family has visited Disney World at least a dozen times (we've lost count). I have wanted to be a teacher since I was eight years old. I love to read and my favorite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  

Amber Suszycki
Amber Suszycki

Major: English with Secondary Education, ESL minor
Campus Involvement: 
Sigma Tau Delta, Students of Michigan Education Association
Areas of Expertise:
Time management, group work, editing papers, books, and the correct chocolate chip proportions for pancakes
Fun Facts: 
I danced for eleven years, I have three dogs, and drive a yellow Beetle!

Jamie Svisco

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish 
Campus Involvement: Writing Center Consultant, Presidential Scholar, ALD, Intramural sports, Criminal Justice Club, Golden Key
Areas of Expertise:  Writing, Spanish, and life advice
Fun Facts: I studied in Spain this past summer for 6 weeks, I'm a strong proponent of the Oxford comma, and my favorite thing in life is chocolate.

Val Tellez-Nunez

Major: Health Sciences with a Pre-Physical Therapy concentration 
Campus Involvement:  Member and Vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta, Love Your Melon Campus Crew at OU, volunteer at OU CARES, member of the Pre-Physical Therapy club and the Pre-Medical Volunteer Society.
Areas of Expertise: Organization, arts and crafts, and Love Your Melon.
Fun Facts: I collect ticket stubs from the concerts I go to and maps from the places I’ve been to. 
Association (HCSA)
HC students are automatically members of The Honors College Student Association (HCSA). HCSA hosts a variety of fun events each year for all Honors College students.

To keep up to date on HCSA events, go to Grizz Orgs and join the HCSA Student Organization. To learn more, contact your current President, Liz Lawer.

Trip to the Cider Mill
Thanksgiving Pie Sale

Making and Selling Valentines
 Relay for Life Wedding Booth

Halloween Party