General Information

Current Graduate Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the graduate student to comply with all OU policies, procedures and applicable graduate program requirements that govern their individual program of study.  The following tools will help current students maintain good academic standing at OU

Graduate Program Catalog
Official OU publication governing academic programs, degree requirements and academic policies and regulations for graduate study.

Graduate Course Description Catalog

Course listings and descriptions in effect for any given term. This catalog is updated daily.

Graduate Student Policy
General policies and regulations for graduate students. 

Exception to Graduate Policy Petitions (PDF)
In unusual circumstances, an exception to policy may be requested.  For information on requesting an exception please visit the Student Responsibility section in the catalog

Graduate Manuals and Guidelines
Additional academic requirements that are not listed in the catalog

Graduate Forms
Forms for graduate students and faculty members

Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning administers academic policies and procedures and enforces graduate degree requirements which are determined by the Graduate Council and are applicable to all Graduate Students.