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Accreditation and Data Resources

Completion and attrition rates are provided for all students admitted and enrolled in a Ph.D. research degree program, beginning fall 2000 through summer 2010. The data results are presented by annual incoming cohort and specific academic discipline.

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Ph.D. Completion Project examined and documented attrition and completion patterns from 30 universities. The data was analyzed by discipline, broad field, cohort size and public/private institution.

Oakland University baseline data elements and Completion and Attrition Report design replicated the CGS (Council of Graduate Schools) Ph.D. Completion Project; permitting OU results to be generalized to CGS participating institutions.


  • Cohort: Ph.D. students entering a doctoral program during a specific academic year (fall, winter, summer)
  • Ph.D. degree: Ph.D. degree completed and conferred with the year indicated.
  • Left with master degree: Enrolled in Ph.D. programs but stopped out after acquiring a master’s degree
  • Left without master degree: Stop out without receiving a master’s degree from the program
  • Degree completed: Official degree awarded from the institution
  • Active: Enrolled in the term this report is generated
  • Completion rate: Degree completed/entering student cohort year
  • Stop out: Left program with no reason specified
Key measures
  • Completion rate
  • Time to degree
  • Attrition rates