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Where do you see yourself in...

Own a car

Buy my own house

Buy my own toys/gadgets

Have kids

Get a lot of money

Travel to different places

5 years

3 years

1 year

Get Bachelor's Degree

Get Married

Hanging out with friends



Great Job

Learning to live in the moment is an essential part of happiness and well-being (link to that part of our site). However, learning to think “big picture” and set long term goals is also a key part of reducing stress! Welcome to the 5-3-1 technique. Take a few moments and think about what you want your life to look like in 5 years. Do you want to have your degree completed by then? A car? A house? A steady relationship? A million dollars? Try and be realistic but also optimistic. Okay, now start placing (drag and click) the icons on the left and right of your screen into the “5 Year” box. Only place things you want to have in your life by that time in the box. Don’t see an icon that matches what you want? Then feel free to type whatever you are hoping to achieve or have in the “other box”. Next, think about where you would like to be in your life in three years and repeat the above steps. Finally, do the same thing for 1 year from today. When you are done click “Finished!”.