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Eye Research Institute

Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4479
(location map)

Eye Research Institute

Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4479
(location map)

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Ocular Structure & Imaging (OS&I) Facility

The Ocular Structure and Imaging facility (OSI) has provided expertise and instrumentation in support of biological ultrastructural analysis projects for more than two decades. Our mission is to provide high-quality electron microscopy services with state-of-the-art techniques, equipment, and expertise.

The OSI facility is a campus-wide resource that is offered and administered by the Eye Research Institute (ERI). It is available to OU and Beaumont Hospital faculty, staff and students, and also to off-campus investigators and users. The facility provides fee-for-service electron microscopy and specimen preparation services for biological science research. In addition, the center offers necessary training and instrumentation access to qualified users.


The OSI facility provides services and expertise in all aspects of transmission electron microscopy. Expert consultation on experimental design and interpretation is also available.

Services include:

  • Conventional sample fixation, embedding, and sectioning
  • Negative staining
  • Sample preparation and processing for immuno-electron microscopy

Fee-for-service Rates
Estimates for project initiation and completion can be provided upon request.

TEM instrument time | $30/hr
Labor rate (does not include instrument time) | $45/hr
Consumables | at cost


Requesting Service

Requesting Service

  1. A (free) consultation is required to determine project feasibility, timeframe and cost. NO services will be provided prior to project review and approval.
  2. PI should send a brief email to Victoria A. Kimler (, and include the following information:
    1. What question will TEM help you answer?
    2. Is the use of TEM for this purpose precedented? If so, provide a citation that illustrates the type of data you seek
    3. Short term and long term numbers of samples you anticipate

Workorder initiation and project scheduling

  1. A work order request form will be provided. The PI may assign a lab member to manage the project at this stage.
  2. A fully completed work order request form must be emailed to Dr. Kimler.
    Every sample to be analyzed must be listed individually on the form.
  3. Sample shipping/delivery date must be pre-approved by Dr. Kimler.
  4. Work requests are generally processed in the order they are received; turnaround times typically range from 2-6 weeks. Rush service is available at extra cost.

4,500 square foot suite includes wet laboratory, darkroom, ultramicrotome, and TEM lab.

Current instrumentation

  • FEI Morgagni 268 transmission electron microscope equipped with a side-mount Hamamatsu Orca-HR digital camera driven by AMT Image Capture Engine V601 software
  • Nikon Eclipse 50i upright microscope
  • Nikon SMZ645 stereozoom dissecting scope
  • RMC glass knife maker
  • Reichert Ultracut-E ultramicrotome
  • EMS-100 glow discharge unit
  • PELCO UVC3 cryo chamber
  • Tousimis Autosamdri-814 critical point drier
  • Polaron SEM Coating System

Shipping Address
Dr. Victoria A. Kimler
Eye Research Institute - Oakland University
417 DH
118 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309
(248) 370-2098

Laboratory Staff
Dr. Victoria A. Kimler, Laboratory Manager 
(248) 370-2098

Dr. Andrew F.X. Goldberg, Supervisor 
(248) 370-2393